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Generational Differences

No description

amy jones

on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of Generational Differences

Generational Differences
Question 1-
1. What are your views on Koro and his expectations?
Koro was from the old ways, where boys and men were the leaders. He didn't want Pai to learn their ways and was angry at the lost of his grandson.

Question 2-
2. Why isn't Koro proud of his son Porourangi's achievements as an artist in Europe?

Koro is dissapointed because his son is leaving their community. As Koro was expecting him to continue as Cheif.
Question 3-
Explain why you think Koro excluded Pai from the lessons he gave to the boys about how to be a Chief? How do you think this made Pai feel?

Koro was focused on chosing a boy leader as that is how it had being for years. He also didnt want to break the tradition. Pai would have felt ...
Continuing question 3
excluded because she was capable of being a leader. But koro contiued to drag her down. Pai kept fighting because she knew she was worthy of this postion.
Question 4
Research the Shakespearean character of King Lear and write down the similarities between the two men.

Similarities- Leadership, Strong, Feirce, Intelligent, Inividual.
Question 5
'He is absolutely honest to his tikanga - to his understanding of Maori culture and customs. He
is absolutely honest to the teachings of his ancestors - his father and his grandfather and to themale lineage that he is such a strong part of.'

Continuing question 5
My family celebrate Christmas day together every year. We take the opportunity to at lunch and it os the one day of the year. My cousins and everybody are all together.
Question 6
Write a letter to Koro to try and persuade him to change his views about women. Include examples of women around the world who have proved themselves as successful leaders
Continuing question 6
Koro, women are capable of becoming leaders just because the tradition wants mean to be leaders. Doesnt mean women arent as capable. Because Paikea proved that she was able to guid the whales back to sea. Give Women a chance.
Question 7
'I guess the greatest model for me has been my grandfather…he was an honest man, but he was

a hard man and he was very much a rangatira [Chief].'

Continuing question 7
Moira Kelly is the person i look up too. I admire her caring ways and how she puts others before herself. She is always helping others too better health.
weakness- She could reach out to those around the world.
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