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Refugee Boy

No description

ibrahim arif

on 6 May 2011

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Transcript of Refugee Boy

Refugee Boy This book is taking place
in Europe and partly in Africa
were a kid (Alem) was a refugee
that had to stay in England but
he knew it was the best place for
him to be. At the start of the book it told us about
how he went to Eritrea and Ethiopia
but he got kicked out at both of them.
Then he had To live in a Hostile for a
couple of days and after Sweeney
and him got in a fight and he ran away to
a farm house. ALEM Alem is the main charcter of the book.
He is very brave and lonesome and is very smart. MRS.Fitzgerald Mrs.Fitzgerald was Alems foster parent, Ruths mother and Mr.Fitzgeralds wife. She is very kind and loving. Mr.Fitzgerald MR.Fitzgerald is Alems foster father, Ruths father and Mrs.Fitzgeralds husband.He is thoughtful, kind of lazy and very supportive
Ruth Ruth is Alems step sister and friend and Mr.and Mrs. Fitzgerald's daughter. She is very kind,very thoughtful and very considerate. MR.Kelo Robert Buck Asher Mariam MAIN CHARACTRS: Mr.Kelo is Alems father.
Me.Kelo was a very determined
person and was very wise. Robert was a very good friend to Alem.He was very thoughtful,kind but mischivious. Buck was another good friend too
Alem but thier were almost competly
different. Buck was kind of goth, kind and
is a good friend. Mariam was also Alems social worker.
Who could speak english also like Alem
but Alem thought that she was from a
different clan or part of Ethiopia.Mariam
was kind,thoghtful and very intelligent. Sheila is Asher was another one of Alems friend.He was
a rasta that beleived Alem should've stayed
in England.Asher was
religous,knid and intelligent.
Setting: PLOT: Alem and his father goto England,
Alem thinking it was for the holidays
but his father knew elsewise.
Alem was very excited and wasnt
let down.Then after his fun-filled day
he woke up alone.His father left a note
for him to stay in England until it was safe
in Ethiopia for him togo back.When he finished he went
to a hostile but had bad experience their with a bully
named Sweeney.Then Alem registered for a application for
him to stay their but it got declined.
Map of England Map of Eritrea and Ethiopia He then went to his present home
with Mr.Fitzgerald, Mrs.Fitsgerald
and Ruth also in England. THE END He would've had togo to court a couple days after christmas.
But then he wouldve had togo back.He then went to a foster home
the Fitzgeralds.He then met his step-sister Ruth.Then he went to school
and met a very good friend named Robert and a couple of more friends
(Asher,Buck )ext.Mr.Kelo wrote Alem a letter on how his life is and how his
mother had died and left on the boarder of Ethiopia and Eritrea
Then for christmas he got 200 pounds and with that he
bought a bike until it got stolen by theese three goons.
Alem got really bummy but he got refreshed when he
his dad came back to be with him but it didnt last for long. A couple of days later he got arrested at the applacation and got took
to campsfield.Thoe it wasnt to serious he got out fairly
quickly.Then they had togo back to court for another trial
but this the judge made its decision he had togo out of the country
because his dad was back.Then he had to live with his father in the hotel.
When Alem told Robert,Robert got confused on how it could happen
like this so he started to make a group over it and have a protest.They marched
all the way to city hall to display thier case.At the end of the book Mr.Kelo got
shot and Alem had stayed with the Fitzgeralds.
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