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All about Tania

No description

Tania Sharma

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of All about Tania

The Life You Never Knew .. About Tania .. Middle School My Friends Favorite Movies Desired Dreams .. Born in Canada
Etobicoke Hospital
April 6th
8:45 pm
Almost 7pounds Become Successful and Known
Graduate from university
Own a huge house
Spend a day with a famous person
Taj Mahal and The Golden Temple Eat Pray Love
The Lucky One
Dear John
Fast Five
Bride Wars
Crazy Stupid Love
No Strings Attached My Birth Family means everything to me
1 sister
My sister is my life, My other half
My mom and dad are always there for me
Hard Working Parents
Crazy Family Important to me
Friends can make you or break you
A few close friends is better than a huge circle of friends
I have a few best friends
Amazing personalities
Define who i am Darcel
I miss middle school
Old friends and amazing teachers
Memorable moments
Becoming Deputy Prime Minister
Graduation Things I Dislike Messy bedrooms
Geography and History
Bad tests
Cold Weather
Spiders, Bugs, Cats
Reading Grade 9 Way different than middle school
Things go around so fast
Harder Than I Expected
Lots of changes
Scared at first Things I Like Dancing
Family Gatherings
Watching Movies
Driving with my sister
Music My Family And now you know the life of Tania ...
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