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Social Studies Chapter 20 Lesson 2

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on 19 February 2015

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Transcript of Social Studies Chapter 20 Lesson 2

Social Studies Chapter 20 Lesson 2
Review Questions
Review Questions Con..
Answer's Con...
By: Damaris Avila
Humanism: belief in the worth of the individual and that reason is a path to knowledge.
Range: the limits between which something can change or differ.
Perspective: a way of drawing to show the relationship of objects in a drawing to give the look of depth or distance.
1. How could humanism help people solve problems?
2. How were Renaissance scholars able to study ancient texts?
3. How did Gutenberg's printing press contribute to the spread of the ideas of scholars?
4. How might Renaissance scientific advances have helped artist to make more realistic art.
5. How did Renaissance ideas influence northern and southern European art differently?
6. How do you think ancient greek and roman ideas have affected how people learn, relate to, or think about their place in the world.
1. Humanism helped people because they had all the answer's.
2. Renaissance scholars were able to read ancient texts because they were rather rich or good students.
3. Gutenberg's ideas helped the scholars because it gave them more inspiration to learn.
4. Scientific advance helped artist to paint realistic art because they had their ideas to imagine their art.
5. Renaissance ideas helped the north and south european art differently because they had their ideas and european scenery to inspire them.
6. It affected people in the world now because they compare their ideas and the greeks ideas.
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