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Mara's first Prezi

No description

Mara Mercadante

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Mara's first Prezi

Mara My Favorite Things More About Meeee! Favorite Sport! My Favorite Movie Spaghetti and Meatballs Singing! <3 All About Moi! My Birthday!!
November 1, 1998 Interesting Facts about MEEEE!!!! My Favorite Food Favorite Hobby!! DANCE <3 cj Favorite Quote: Meeeee Favorite School Subjects History
Art Places I want to visit: Great job! You see, this is how we zoom in prezi. photo (cc) by jfh686 @flickr To move on, click on the 3rd thumbnail on the left! PARIS



BOSTON yummy!!! I love reading I love to bake I have a cat ant to be an actress I w Broadway Obsesser I love opera I have a twitter
(follow me!!) it's a TIEEEEE!!! You are enough,
You are so enough,
It's unbelievable
how enough you are.
~Sierra Boggess If I were..... An Animal, I'd be a cat because they are cute and fluffy!

A Bird, I'd be a Parrot because they're colorful and talkative!

An Insect, I'd be a Ladybug because they're graceful and pretty!

A Flower, I'd be a Rose because they're colorful and classy!

A Musical Instrument, I'd be a Clarinet because I play the Clarinet!!!!!!!!!

A Game, I'd be the board game "Be a Broadway Star!" because i want to be a Broadway star!

A shape, I'd be a Star because I am a Star! Something I'm good at Playing the clarinet!! <3 My Favorite Songs AGAIN
Hadley Fraser My Favorite Activities: Indoor: Listening to Music Baking Outdoor: Bike Riding Walking Swimming Cathedrals
Ramin Karimloo My Family! My family consists of my:
2 Grandmas
Aunts and Uncles
Cousins Favorite Books: How to Rock Braces and Glasses Les Miserables
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