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Mary Kate Olsen and Substance Abuse

-brief overview of Mary Kate Olsen's life and careers -What drugs Mary Kate used -How she got help -What cocaine is and its effects

bella rookley

on 15 June 2017

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Transcript of Mary Kate Olsen and Substance Abuse

Mary Kate and Ashley's Success
In 1993, due to the success that Mary Kate and Ashley had on Full House, a liability company called Dualstar was made to sell Mary-Kate and Ashley products.

Mary Kate and Ashley, became joint-CEOs, executive producers, and presidents of Dualstar in 2004. The brand became so successful that it sold products and merchandise in over 3000 stores in the USA.
In 2008 Mary Kate and Ashley wrote a book where they had interviewed fashion designers that inspired them and their company 'The Row'. They entitled the book 'Influence".
When Mary Kate was in high school she went to parties with her friends. They all did drugs such a marijuana, ecstasy, and cocaine (this is how she was exposed to drug abuse) Mary Kate became addicted to cocaine and alcohol at a very young age. This became a big deal in the media but Mary Kate, her friends, and family didn't say much. Her body guard claimed to have seen Mary Kate drinking, smoking and doing drugs to the media.
Acting Career
Mary Kate's Recovery
Mary Kate received a lot of attention from the media because she was sent to rehab. Rumors started that she was seeking professional help for anorexia, but more people believed that it was because of her cocaine addiction. This had a great effect on Mary Kate because she started recieving hate comments and even death threats from fans.
Mary Kate Olsen
Mary Kate Olsen was born on June 13, 1986 in Sherman Oaks, California.
She has a sororal twin sister named Ashley Olsen, as well as a younger sister named Elizabeth, and an older brother named Trent.
Her parents (Jarnette Fuller and David Olsen) got divorced in 1996.
She and her sister Ashley stared in the family sitcom Full House from 1987 to 1995 as Michelle Tanner at the early age of nine months.
Family History
Olsen Twins Book
The Olsen twins had their own make up line called "Mary Kate and Ashley: Real fashion for real girls"
Mary Kate and Ashley also had a couture label which they named after Savile Row who had a great influence on their label 'The Row'
What happened to Mary Kate?
Why did she start doing drugs?
Risk Factors
Mary Kate didn't have a good self image, which is why she decided to drink, smoke, and do drugs. She also became anorexic due to negative self image and self esteem. She pushed away her family because she didn't want to eat or face the fact that she had an addiction. Although her family finally reached out and assisted her in seeking help.
How Did This Effect Mary Kate?
Two days before Olsen's 18th birthday her father had her go to a rehab center where many other stars who have struggled with drug addiction have gone to recover. It seemed to help her greatly, as she no longer does drugs and is eating properly.
What Is Cocaine?
What Is Another Name For Cocaine?
-Nose Candy
Short Term Effects
Long Term Effects
Legal Status
Cocaine is a synthetically prepared drug that is highly addictive drug. It looks like a white powder and can be mixed with things such as flour or corn starch, especially when being smuggled across borders. It can be used as a medical anesthetic. Although others use it as an illegal drug that can make them high and cause hallucinations.
Some short term effects of cocaine are intense depression; edginess; the inability to eat or sleep properly; a craving for more drugs (addiction); increase in heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature; contracted blood vessels; dilated pupils; violent behavior; hallucinations; muscle spasms and convulsions; paranoia; anger; hostility; and anxiety. Cocaine use can cause heart attacks, seizures, strokes, and respiratory failure. All of these side effects can cause sudden death.
Long term effects of cocaine are permanently damaged blood vessels of the heart and brain; high blood pressure which can cause heart attacks and strokes which can lead to death; liver, kidney and lung damage; weight loss; tooth decay; severe depression; destruction of nose tissue if snorted; disorientation; hallucinations; extreme addiction which may lead to a person to do anything in order to retrieve the drug including acts of crime and even murder, if the addict doesn't receive the drug may result in harm to their self or even suicide.
Cocaine is highly illegal and is only legally kept under the Canadian Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. If you are caught with cocaine in your possession you can be sentenced to prison for up to seven years. If you are caught dealing or stealing cocaine you can be sentenced to a life time in prison. If you are caught driving while under the influence cocaine that is also considered to be a criminal offense under the Criminal Code of Canada. If you refuse to be tested for drugs under the enforcement by police officers, the penalty is the same as if you were under the influence of alcohol.
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