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soccer by angelica hairston

This is just a little something about soccer. I hope you enjoy it and please, no innapropriate comments. Thank you :)

Angelica Hairston

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of soccer by angelica hairston

This is REALLY Fun! You Should really Try it! SOCCER I enjoy it because I like and enjoy when I run as fast as i can to get the ball Why Should you try it? 1. If you like to run, this is definitely the sport for YOU! Here is how it works :) Soccer is a game that includes running. When you run it really strengthens your calves You have to use teamwork to get the ball into the opposite goal with you feet, (NO HANDS ,unless you are a goalie. )
You and your team have to protect your goal so the opposing team doesn't score. For protection you MUST use shin protectors because you WILL get kicked a few times. The goalie is the only one allowed to use their hands because they are the ones who protect the goal. the can catch the ball if it is in the air and trying to get in the goal. (see example 1) Example 1 2. It is a good practice for eye coordination and you feel a rush when you kick the ball. 3. You get the awesome opportunity to compete/play against other schools, kids, and teams. 4. You make new friends and eventually, you become a family :) Its fun because sometimes you get the Spotlight when
you make a goal or when your close to making one You have to do a lot of team work have a lot of communication and You get to work together with your TEAM I really like it because you have the opportunity to learn new tricks and stunts ( I recommend not to hit the ball with your head unless you know what your doing.....known from experience) Losing Weight and Gaining Muscles? When you go to soccer practice you do push ups and
Gain muscles, this helps you to throw the ball
FURTHER! ( to your teammates ) Did you know? When you run and sweat, you are loosing
some fat in your: Legs
Waist and
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