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Math 1st Day

No description

Elizabeth Vandling

on 6 August 2015

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Transcript of Math 1st Day

Welcome to Math
Mrs. Vandling
My loves....
What does Mrs. Vandling Expect?
1. Be on Time!
2. Always do your best!
3. Correct your mistakes
4.Respect others and their materials
5.Respect yourself
Students are to keep phones in their backpacks on silent!

Yep, that means if I see it hanging out of your back pocket I or the other MS teachers will confiscate it, which means mom or dad must get it back from Mrs. Agnew

****There will be times when you will be asked to take out your phone in order to use the scientific calculator functions....I will note that you need this during the bellwork so you are prepared.
Just like cell phones, unless you are asked to take them out to use with our Chromebooks, they must be stored in your backpack!
Leave it at home
• Skateboards, scooters, or roller blades
• Heely Shoes
• Knives (real or toy)
• Caps, Cap guns, fireworks, matches
• Darts
• Animals/Pets
• Razor Blades
• Toys and other novelty items, i.e. virtual reality toys, action figures
Radios, tape or cassette records, I-Pods and MP3 players, walkmans, portable cd
• players, game boys, or any Electronic devices
• Guns (any variety)
• Laser pens
• Electronic Cigarettes
• Cigarettes
• Matches or lighters
• Alcohol or illegal substances
• Pacifiers (PK-8th grade students)
• Chains worn outside pants
***** Students who do bring the above mentioned items to school will be subject to disciplinary action ranging from a teacher reprimand to suspension from school. These items may be confiscated and kept for parent/guardian pick-up.

Find the desk that matches your card.
Fill out the Mindset Survey

According to ARS 13-3019 it is unlawful for any person to knowingly photograph, videotape, film, digitally record or by any other means use a device to secretly view or record another person without that person’s consent. In addition, it is unlawful to disclose, display, distribute or publish a photograph, videotape, film or digital recording made in violation of the above statute without the consent of the person depicted. Violation of this statute is a Class 5 felony and requires mandatory school reporting to a police agency. Cellular telephones can be disruptive in an educational environment.
Dress Code
Polo shirts (long or short sleeve) Hunter Green, Navy Blue, or Red
Skorts, skirts, or shorts (no more than three inches above the knee) Navy Blue or Khaki
Pants (all shorts/pants with belt loops require a belt) Navy or Khaki
Close-toed shoes
Polo shirts (long or short sleeve) Hunter Green, Navy Blue, or Red
Shorts (length not to be below the knee) Navy Blue or Khaki
Pants (all shorts/pants with belt loops require a belt) Navy Blue or Khaki
Close-toed shoes

Sweatshirts, Cardigan Sweaters, and Undershirts
solid colors only, no writing or logos:

Hunter Green,

Navy Blue
or Black
(No other sweatshirt will be worn while on campus or on the bus)

At no time will a sweatshirt hood be worn on the student’s head.
The Sweatshirt may be confiscated immediately without an initial warning.

Hats (inside the building) or bandanas (the principal will make exceptions on outdoor sports days or other special events)

Shoes over one inch or shoes without a back strap

Tattoos or facial piercings

Unnatural hair color or hair styles (including Mohawks and unnatural color stripes..ie red, pink, purple, green, blue, etc.)

At no time will there be holes in pants and jeans.

Clothes that do not fit appropriately, including tight clothing, baggie pants, and pants with hems dragging on the ground, oversized shirts, or shirts that are “long hanging”

o All communication must be polite – Messages must not be inappropriate or offensive in any way
o Do not send, access, download or display offensive messages or pictures
o Do not use obscene language
o Do not reveal personal information about yourself to others
o Do not harass others
o Do not violate copyright laws or regulations
o No ‘hacking’ or other disruptive activities
o Do not share passwords
o Do not damage computers, network or system
o Do not access files or work of others
o Do not load any files or programs into any computer

You must have a signed Internet agreement on file before use!
Specials will rotate:
Math Lab
Lunch and Bathroom breaks
Lunch is from:
12:30 - 1:20

Bathroom breaks:
Before school, during lunch, after school

***Everyone gets 4 emergency breaks per quarter
Hallway behavior
We are to silently walk in the halls at all times. No talking to or from class as we have a sixth grade class in between us and we do not want to disrupt the other classes.
What do I need for Math everyday?
Come prepared with:
3 pencils
Graphing Notebook
Positive attitude
colored pencils
glue sticks
Tests: 50%
Quizzes: 30%
Projects: 20%
Where is the homework?
This will count as part of your conduct grade.
Getting to know you!
Bingo Scavenger Hunt
Find someone in the room that fits a description on your bingo card and have them sign it
You may sign each person's sheet only once, so choose wisely!
Have a seat once your Bingo card is full.
One last thought.....
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