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Nursing School

ITT-Tech Breckenridge School Of Nursing

Lissa Dawn

on 28 August 2014

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Transcript of Nursing School

Continuing Education
What Brought Us Here?
By: Lissa D. Splawn
Becky R. Carlile
Heather M. Adams

To better Ourselves
Better Lifestyle
Better Income
What School To Attend:
Continuing Education Courses:
Getting Job Ready
Thank you for your time!
Brown Mackie?
Fast Track Nursing Program
Academic Scholarship
Close to home
RN Program
Smaller Classes
-Home Health
-Infectious Disease/Control
-Oncology (Cancer)

-Ambulatory Care
-Advance Practice
-Bio Ethics
-Case Management
-Ear Nose and Throat (ENT)

-Pain Management
-Foreign Language
-Weight Management

What is a manager looking for in a Nurse?

-Positive attitude
-Team work
-Clinical skills
Passing the NCLEX:

- Study Study Study

- In 2013, 13.3 % Failed the NCLEX
on the first try
- You must wait 45 days to retest

What to Consider

-Join a Study Group
How To Be Successful in Class:
-Be on time
-Getting to know your academic staff

- A well prepared Resume will help you get that interview
- Be Honest
Build your portfolio to highlight your strengths

Why ITT-Tech:
Where we
want to work
Support System
-Do I have time?
-Reliable Babysitter?
- Spouse
- Family
- Friends
- Classmates
- Coworkers
total of 82 areas of Education

- Employment of at least 520 hours worked
- Current certification in a nursing specialty
- Completion of board approved refresher course
- Completion of a minimum of 6 academic semester credit hours
of nursing at current license level or higher

Heather Adams
Based Nursing

Lissa Splawn
Becky Carlile
-Successful Interviews tips:

Business professional
Be polite
Maintain good eye contact
Requirements for license renewal
Furukawa M, Raghu T, Shao B. Electronic Medical Records, Nurse Staffing, and Nurse-Sensitive Patient Outcomes: Evidence from California Hospitals, 1998–2007. Health Services Research [serial online]. August 2010;45(4):941-962. Available from: Academic Search Elite, Ipswich, MA.

I would LOVE to work at Oklahoma University Children's Hospital

Nurses play a key role in acute care settings and
strong evidence suggests that higher levels of
nurse staffing are associated with better
patient outcome.
NICU - Neonate Intensive Care Unit
Johnson, B. S., Boudiab, L. D., Freundl, M., Anthony, M., Gmerek, G. B., & Carter, J. (2013). Enhancing VETERAN-CENTERED CARE: A Guide for Nurses in Non-VA Settings. American Journal Of Nursing, 113(7), 24. doi:10.1097/01.NAJ.0000431919.62794.81

My passion is to work at the VA Hospital
With my family being so service orientated
this is a way for myself to serve my

Evidence-based studies have proven that
not all diseases are on the surface
and cannot simply be seen.
"Holly McCoy." YouTube. YouTube, 15 Nov. 2012. Web. 12 Aug. 2014.
Why I want to Work at Children's Hospital
The evidence based "Poppy" study concluded that
with the involvement of the entire family it will
lessen the hospital stay and recovery time for
a neonate in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
Provides a more family Orientated approach
RN Salary in Oklahoma
*but if you happen to fail the National Council of State Board of Nursing will send the results of your exam, which will allow you to know what areas you need to work on.
You Must do
of the following to maintain your license
Nursing 100 notes due chapter 6,7
The End
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