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Jordan Prescott 8B

No description

Stephen Spizarny

on 20 November 2017

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Transcript of Jordan Prescott 8B

The Schlieffen Plan
By Jordan Prescott

What Is The Schlieffen Plan?
The Schlieffen plan is a military tactic created by General Count Alfred von Schieffen.
Why Did Russia Move Her Forces?
Russia moved her forces over to Germany because she was responding to international tension. That caused the Schlieffen Plan to take action.
What Was The Effect Of The Plan?
The Schlieffen Plan caused Britain to declare war on Germany, August 4, 1914. The original plan was to defeat France, Britain, and Russia in one sweep. The plan failed.
Why Did The Schlieffen Plan Fail?
The plan failed because it relied on rapid movement. The resistance of the Belgians and the BEF prevented this. Also, Russia had gathered her troops quicker than expected, so Germany had to retreat to protect home ground. Both sides already held secure land, trenches, and they couldn't move more than 10 miles forward or backwards from the positions they held. That is why the plan failed, simple variables that they could do nothing about.
Who Is The One To Make The Schlieffen Plan?
General Count Alfred von Schlieffen (1833-1913) is the man who created the plan. He was chief of the general staff from 1891-1905. Schlieffen was born on 28 February 1833. Alfred von Schlieffen died on 4 January 1913 in Berlin
Why Was It Made?
The Schlieffen Plan was made in December 1905. It was an operational plan. It was designed to attack France when Russia was moving their forces near Germany.
How Did The Schlieffen Plan Happen?
The Schlieffen Plan was supposed to provide for a war on two fronts, West and East. They did that by quickly defeating France. Using a concentration of troops on the Western Front, moving rapidly through Belgium and Holland which would defeat France in a flanking movement. Meanwhile a smaller army would hold off Russia in the east. Even with the plan being well thought out, it still failed.
The Schlieffen Plan
General Count Alfred von Schlieffen
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