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Brighton Rock and Lies of Silence

No description

George Gordon

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Brighton Rock and Lies of Silence

Brighton Rock and Lies of Silence
Moira characterisation pages
Page 31 - Disorders and jazz.
Page 54 - Moira has the gumption to escape the IRA alone, leaving Dillon behind. Adumbrates later actions?
Page 133/137/168 - Rationale behind Moira's crusade. Ambiguous; Dillon or IRA motive?
Page 180 - Dillon admits her role in their relationship. "I hope they shoot me" Moira pg 182
Dillon characterisation pages
Page 23 - Reasons for marrying Moira. Opposite of Pinkie!
Page 50 - Dillon's ideology and ambitions. Appears fairly egotistical.
Page 114 - School memory and paranoia.
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