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The Red Summer refers to the race riots that occurred in mor

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Anthony Armstrong

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of The Red Summer refers to the race riots that occurred in mor

The Story Behind The Red Summer
'The Red Summer refers to the summer and fall of 1919, in which race riots exploded in a number of cities in both the North and South. The three most violent episodes occurred in Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Elaine, Arkansas. On the afternoon of July 27, 1919, a stone-throwing melee between blacks and whites began after a black youth mistakenly swam into territory claimed by whites off the 29th Street beach in Chicago. Amidst the mayhem, Eugene Williams, a black youth, drowned. When a white police officer refused to arrest the white men involved in the death, and instead arrested a black man, racial tensions escalated.'
-The Rise And Fall Of Jim Crow (PBS.org)
Blacks outnumbered whites 10 to 1 so US troops were sent in to maintain order, but the troops were known to side with the whites and kill many blacks. Whites were known to hunt blacks for sport and they were tipped off by the army troops who were siding with the whites.
Summing it up
The Red Summer refers to the race riots that occurred in more than three dozen cities in the United States during the summer and early autumn of 1919. In most instances, whites attacked African Americans. Isn't that crazy?
The Significance of the Race Riots
This was the start of many of the race riots. 40 people died black and white in the riots.
Fun Fact - This Riot was the cause of "drive bys"
The red summer was the result of racial
violence and riots that happened in many
cities in the United States.
Riots also happened in:
Washington D. C,
Omaha Nebraska,
and San Francisco Cal.

Why were the riots so violent?
#1 Why do you think the race riots were so savage?
#2 Who was the teenager that was killed and started the race riots?
#3 What year did the race riots start?
#4 True or False , these race riots invented drive by's.
#5 True or False , Blacks outnumbered the whites 5 to 1.
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