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Copy of WRAT 4

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judy castillo

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of WRAT 4

The Wide Range Achievement Test, 4th edition Purpose Population Conclusion WRAT 4 is a norm-referenced test. It is a quick, simple and sound psychometric assessment of the essential fundamental academic skills and is valuable in assessing individuals for any possible learning, behavioral or occupational difficulties Age group - representative national sample of over 3,000 people between the ages of 5 and 94 years old

Ethnic group - for sampling purposes, four classifications of race/
ethnicity were used:
(a)African American,
(d)Other (including Asian, American Indian, Hawaiian/Pacific Islander ) Word Reading

Sentence Comprehension


Math Computation Strengths include:
- Provides initial screening for those who are referred for learning, behavioral or vocational difficulties.
-Determines whether or not additional assessment and psychometric data is needed.
-May be used for reevaluation of individuals diagnosed with learning or cognitive disorders.
-Determines minimal level of proficiency needed to perform in certain educational and vocational settings. -Assesses academic progress over time.

Limitations include:-Takes a longer time to administer to school age children and above. 4 Aspects Sentence Comprehension - Measures the individual’s ability to gain meaning from words and shows the comprehension of ideas and information included in sentences by using a modified close method. Sentence comprehension Spelling - Measures the ability of the individual to encode sounds into written form through using a dictated spelling format that contains both letters and words. Spelling Math Computation Word Reading -
Measures letter and word decoding by the identification of letters and recognizing words Word Reading −Math Computation measures an individual’s ability to perform the basic math computations through counting, number identification, solving easy oral problems, as well as calculating written math problems. Administration Validity
WRAT4 has strong construct validity because it tests all the aspects it claims to test which are measures of academic achievement and cognitive ability.

This test has overall strong internal consistency reliability. The reliability factors range from .83-.96. Within this range the math is least internally consistent while the reading has the highest internal consistency. Quality of the test Setting
in a well-ventilated and lighted quiet room
WRAT4 Professional Manual, the WRAT4 Test Forms and Response Form.
Time required
Children ages 5 to 7 take about 15 to 25 minutes and the administration time for those individuals age 8 or older into adulthood is between 30 and 45 minutes. The 5/7/10 rule is a unique way of knowing how the participant is doing during the test.

If the person gets the first 5 consecutive questions wrong then you stop and administer preliminary questions which are easier.

If the person gets 7 spelling questions wrong consecutively at the beginning you stop and administer the alphabet test instead.

The "10 rule" applies if someone gets 10 questions wrong then you stop the test. 5/7/10 Rules
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