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Connected transit travelers -- California Transit Association fall conference

No description

Aaron Antrim

on 10 January 2017

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Transcript of Connected transit travelers -- California Transit Association fall conference

Connecting transit travelers Integrated online information to promote
awareness and understanding of
regional public transportation networks Aaron Antrim Transit service can be complicated.
Our job is to make information clear,
and easy-to-understand for customers. clarity / ease-of-use / relevance Show service information front-and-center
Show the entire network For clarity and ease of use: TrinityTransit.org MendocinoTransit.org Websites: focus on core purpose Show connection information Trip planner Include system map, possibly on homepage
Timetables in HTML format, not PDF
Include trip planner
Brand consistency
Link to relevant, connecting services
Show images of people and local geography The third most common internet activity for Americans is to “search for a map or driving directions,” (87%) behind only email and using search engines. Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project,(http://www.pewinternet.org/pdfs/PIP_Internet_and_Daily_Life.pdf) Create and maintain open GTFS data GTFS is the Google Transit Feed Specification, a ubiquitous worldwide data standard for transit geographic and schedule data.

GTFS data is how transit information is integrated in Google Maps.

It is also used by many other sites and applications. Plant GTFS, grow an app garden Applications for:
Trip planning
Timetable creation
Mobile applications
Data visualization
Planning & analysis
Real-time information Steps 1. Publicize public GTFS data at www.gtfs-data-exchange.com
2. Contact sites like Google Maps, Bing Maps, others
3. Consider creating an "App Center" for your website
4. Gather feedback from your customers More information: Trillium's "Opportunities to leverage GTFS" report
at http://bit.ly/leverage-gtfs Example applications Mendocino Transit Authority's App Center mendocinotransit.org/app-center rome2rio.com multi-modal intercity and international travel planner Google Maps seamlessly integrates regional, multi-agency information Broad information availability
helps people discover services Example projects:
Rural California Google Transit implementation project
Stanislaus County, California
Participation with MAX/Modesto, StaRT/County, CAT/Ceres, BLST/Turlock
Oregon statewide GTFS implementation and maintenance project More than 37 transit services in Oregon publish and maintain GTFS data.
More information at www.oregon-gtfs.com. Questions? Aaron Antrim
aaron@trilliumtransit.com Best practices for transit websites
http://bit.ly/transit-web-practices Goal: open data / online partnerships / search engine optimization create broad awareness Goal: Website best practices “The old limits of what unmanaged and unpaid groups can do are no longer in operation; the difficulties that kept self-assembled groups from working together are shrinking, meaning that the number and kinds of things groups can get done without financial motivation or managerial oversight are growing.”
— Clay Shirky,
Here Comes Everybody We’re small and we can’t provide every customized solution people ask for…. making the data available is something that we’re very familiar with so that developers can develop the tools themselves. It’s like having an army of developers available to us.
— Tim McHugh,
CTO of Portland's TriMet TriMet interview:
"Open source and open data make for transit innovation"

S.F. BART interview:
Making the web, social media, and the developer community work for transit
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