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Vietnam vs. Iraq

No description

Sierra Rowlison

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Vietnam vs. Iraq

Women served in all branches of service as nurses, therapists, air traffic controllers, legal officers, and in security and administrative positions. They also, served by taking part in the Red Cross, USO, and the U.S. Agency for International Development. Other women worked there as journalists, flight attendants, and in various church and humanitarian organizations. "I remember well all 40 frat brothers gathering around the TV to watch the drawing and putting $20 in a jar with $800 (a sizable sum in 1969) going to the lottery "winner", i.e. the brother with the lowest number, so he and his date/girlfriend could have a last big blowout weekend before he was called into service.

I remember my real brother, who was also a fraternity brother, hearing his birthday called early. I looked it up on the lottery web site and his birthday was number 33...not looking very good. My birthday popped up at No. 184...not exactly safe but certainly better than No. 33. I have some recollection of conversations with my parents about draft possibilities but nothing too serious early on....we adopted a wait and see attitude."- Unknown Author "We're fighting one in the same war, the only exception Iraq is in dessert and more urban where Vietnam was jungle you never knew what would hit you," Staff Sergeant Larry Rowlison Sr. Vietnam Protest Remembering The Draft one in the same war Women in war then and now Vietnam and Iraq By Ali Burch and Sierra Rowlison
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