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Exponents in Architecture

No description

RodrigoAntonio Rivera

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Exponents in Architecture

Significant in our Life.
Exponent in architecture are significant in our life because they help us create better things. If there weren't any exponents in architecture our building system would not exist we would live like caveman.

Exponents in Architecture
By: Rodrigo Rivera and Dana Kachler
How do we use them
We use exponents in architecture when an architect has to build a scale model they have to know how many times bigger the real thing would be.
And also
When an architect is doing the blueprint of building
the diagram includes that shows the image uses the exponents in the measurements.
Why do we need math in architecture?
We need Math in architecture because
we need to know how exactly a building needs to be. Also you need two know how big or small the structure will be.
What if there weren't any exponents
If exponents weren't invented the mathematical equations would be more complected and more difficult. If there weren't exponents our technology, engineering, economy etc. wound we a complete disaster.
Thank you
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