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Social Media

No description

Sarah Kaczmarek

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of Social Media

Writing for Social Media
Be concise... short sentences
Include key words up front
Link to our work. Share stories, reports, photos, videos & podcasts
Consider posing a question
Use plain language - would the general public understand the post?
Reflect tone of report
Use exclamation points & slang sparingly
Include a call to action (read more, watch video, listen to podcast...)
Defining Our Terms
Sharing Is the New Paradigm
The Landscape
Writing Tips
Every character counts (<120 makes RTs easier)
Link to our work & make it clear what users will get (report, podcast, video, etc)
Include key words up front
Use ALL CAPS and numerals sparingly
Include a call to action (read more, watch video, listen to podcast...)
Use hashtags thoughtfully (What's trending. Don't use more than 3 in a tweet.)
Reach: 250K
Reach: 30K
Reach 23K
Reach: 20K
Reach: 20K
Writing Tips
+ 1 to 3 sentences +
Reach: 1,200
Reach: 940
Reach: 860
Reach: 780
Likes: 32
Reach: 344
How do we connect GAO’s work with the people who are talking about it?

Leverage Analysts knowledge
Recruit volunteers
Educate coordinators
Encourage coordinators
Look for news that is:
Far-reaching (3 major outlets)
Timely (relevant right now)
Interesting (heavily discussed)

The Process
February 21, 2013:
A big study on seafood mislabeling—“seafood fraud”—hit major news outlets.
“Hey, we did a report on detecting and preventing seafood fraud. That’s really relevant to this!”

A GAO analyst thought
The analyst worked with GPI Coordinators
Which platform?
How to write it?
Working together, the analyst and coordinators crafted a brief message tying the report to the news item.

Coordinators obtained management review
Based on team process
Not indexed
Coordinators had already worked with managers to determine the best process for their teams.

Coordinators submitted the post to Public Affairs
Public Affairs has the final say on whether and how a post moves forward.
Posts should not exceed 500 words - they can be as short as 200 words. The goal is to showcase one or two key points.

Refer and link to the GAO hook within the first few sentences.

Include images, videos, and podcasts.

Keep headlines short (<80 characters) and relevant - bonus for creativity!

Make it easy for the reader to find the main point - highlight key words, use bulleted lists, etc.

One idea per paragraph that's clear within the first few words.

Writing Tips

GAO Plugged In Exercise
Read your group's scenario and consider your response to the analyst.
As a group, discuss whether the suggestion fits the Plugged in guidelines. If not, why not?
Consider whether your angle is newsworthy.

Use short, active sentences and plain language.

Embed links in sentences (hyperlink words instead of urls)

Use plain language - would the general public understand the post?

There are no footnotes in a blog post. Your ideas must be clear, complete, and concise.

Use numerals instead of words.
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