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Lit V6 1

No description

Almar Kessler

on 2 February 2012

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Transcript of Lit V6 1

An introduction to English Literature

Some history and some facts

These are the Celts
Moved to Albion in 3rd cent BC
Establish Britannia in about 43 AD
The Romans built this
Hadrian's Wall
During 7th cent conversion to Christianity
From 1066 French rules until the beginning of the 15th cent.
The middle ages: From exit romans - late 16th cent
Church has monopoly on reading and writing
Rise of merchant class
Late 14th cent Court culture
Church all powerful
Writers were not professionals
An epic poem
Anglo-saxon/ old English
Probably composed in 8th cent AD
Harrold and William The conqueror
battle it out at Hastings in 1066
Women watched and embroidered the Bayeux tapestry
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