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Back to School Night

No description

Kristi Anderson

on 7 September 2018

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Transcript of Back to School Night

BCE Back to School Night 2018
Mrs. Anderson's 3rd Grade

Please find your child's desk and take a look at...

Field trips and class celebrations
District Calendar for 2018-2019
Scholastic Book Order info
Typing.com Info
Spelling - Priority word list for 3rd Grade
class Volunteer and field trip driver information
A little bit about the teacher...
Columbia University -NYC
Professional Experience...
16 years teaching at BCE-3rd, 4th, and 5th grade
Undergrad-Arizona State University
Master's Degree in education - University of Denver
Columbia University- Reader's and Writer's Workshop Training
My sons attended BCE. Chris is a Senior at slvhs and Jake is a senior at the University of Utah
I Love to watch sports, read, cook, kayak, travel, and spend time with our bulldogs
My Philosophy in the classroom...
I believe that mistakes are an important part of learning. children should not be afraid to fail while trying to learn. persevering, asking questions, and making an effort are ways that we learn.

A growth mindset is a belief that we can get smarter through hard work and practice. Struggling doesn't mean that you're not smart, it's an opportunity to grow. -Carol Dweck

Bullying is NEVER acceptable. Students should feel safe at school 100% of the time.

We value The BCE Way-Be respectful, responsible, and safe!

Items that a 3rd Grader needs daily...
Lunch, lunch money, or prepaid lunch card (online)
Healthy snack for morning recess
Water Bottle (optional)
Tennis Shoes (PE Days are Monday and Friday)
Library Books (due on Wednesdays)

Wish List for 3rd Graders to Bring to School...
Backpack (no trapper keepers please)
2 spiral notebooks for math and science
1 folder for unfinished work
Plastic Pencil Box or Pencil Pouch
Wooden #2 Pencils, pencil top erasers, sharpener
2 Dry Erase Markers and an eraser
1 Set of Water Color Paints
1 Set of Color Pencils
1 Ultra Fine Sharpie Marker
1 glue stick

we are requesting $20 to cover Science experiments, art projects, a ceramics project, and classroom supplies.

all children will participate in all activities. If you can make a $20 donation, you can pay cash or with a check made out to BCE. thank you for your support!
Classroom Volunteers...
Together we can make this an amazing year!
3rd Grade Homework
Monday through Thursday
Read and respond in reading notebook each night for 20-30 minutes
Occasional Spelling words and math problems
occasional projects (Biography)
technology - www.typing.com (sign in with Google)
math Games -xtramath.org, Dreambox.com, prodigygame.com, yahtzee, multiplication War (card game), chess, checkers, connect four, and uno.
Let's Keep In Touch!
Reading program: Reader's Workshop lessons, Houghton Mifflin, Fountas and Pinnell Assessment, picture books, chapter books, Scholastic Book Club and Scholastic News.
Writing program: Writer's Workshop lessons, Sitton Spelling, Word Study (grammar), and Editing lessons.
Math program: MacMillian McGraw-Hill, Origo, CGI techniques, Xtra Math program (math facts), and manipulatives.
Social Studies program: history of Santa Cruz County, studying the Ohlone Indians, and learning basic geography concepts.
Science program: learning about adaptations, matter and energy, and the solar system.
Common Core
BCE uses standards that are aligned with Common Core. For more information go to commoncore.org.
Common Core is a nationwide program.
What does this change mean for 3rd graders? Standards are now equally spread out across grade levels. Each standard is taught deeply.
Thank you for coming to Back to School Night!

Please contact me with any questions or concerns!
You can email me at kanderson@slvusd.org.
You can call me at 338-6413 or 246-0969

Before you leave tonight...
write a note to your son or daughter
Sign up to volunteer in the classroom
Grab something from our wish list on the board if you can help
Donation Envelope for Field Trips and Supplies.
$20 for Field Trips and $20 for Supplies.
cash or check to BCE
Remember- all students participate no matter what.

Family Folders...
Folders come home at the beginning of each week
reading notebooks go home monday through thursday
Sign & return yellow forms
Take newsletter, graded work, Book Club Orders, and other informational flyers.

You can contact me with questions and concerns by email or phone.
response within 24 hours
338-6413 or 246-0969
Meetings by appointment
Quick check-in's after school
Do I have your email?
Important Information

Please have your child leave cell phones in backpack (turned off) until the end of the day.
support reading in our class! buy books with scholastic and we earn free books!
Every Wednesday is an Early Out Day. School is dismissed at 1:15. staff collaboration time!
There is no supervision on campus until 8:10am. There is no supervision after 2:45pm.
Breakfast Club is in the MP Room from 8-8:25 for $2.50. Lunch is $3.50.
Please put names on clothing. we are starting to have a lot of clothes left at school.
Please park on the street when you are at BCE for drop off/pick up and field trips.
Visit us at www.bce.slvusd.org - Family Handbook, calendar, & contact information available.
If you would like to receive Bear Tracks electronically, please email rogilvie@slvusd.org.
BCE is on a Trimester System. Report Cards will come home in November, March, and June.
Students will not receive letter grades. They will be assessed on a Rubric of 1-4.
Writing benchmarks will be given 3 times to assess Narrative, Informational, and Persuasive writing skills.
Math will be assessed throughout the year in the form of quizzes, tests, and by observing student work.
Reading levels are formally assessed three times during the year. We use the Fountas and Pinnell assessment system.
Students are also assessed on completing daily work, spelling, punctuation, neatness, participation, and overall effort.
Unless your child is sick, please try to have them at school every day.
If your child will miss 5 or more days of school, I can give you an Independent Study packet.
If your child has a fever, they should stay home until they have been fever-free for 24 hours.
Being on time is very important. We start instruction at 8:30am. Please help minimize disruptions.
Try to plan appointments and vacations around the school schedule as much as possible.
Behavioral Expectations

The BCE Way- Be respectful. Be responsible. Be safe.

Each student will receive Golden tickets throughout the year to celebrate using the BCE Way!

We have Life Skills Assemblies each month to recognize students for using the BCE Way.

In addition, we have classroom raffle tickets, a treasure box, class marble jar, and Class Dojo to motivate students!

The classroom rules and a motivational chart are posted to remind students to make good choices.

You are always welcome to help in 3rd grade!
Please fill out a confidentiality form and complete the live scan/background process. Ways that you can help are:

Classroom Parent-help organize parties
Monday morning-Folders and Copying
volunteering in the classroom to help us learn
Parent Club and site council volunteer
Classroom Library- sort and level classroom library books
mystery readers-surprise the class and come in to read a story!
school garden-help us work in our classroom garden
Put together scholastic book club orders (can be done at home)
drive on a field trip
help at a class party
art masterpiece
Lice busters (school nurse will train you)

we are requesting $20 for our trips. Cash or checks to BCE. All children will go on trips no matter what.

If you are driving, turn in paperwork to me: driver's license, Insurance Policy Declaration Page, Vehicle Information form and confidentiality form. fax-338-6118. Complete Volunteer clearance procedures as well. Thanks.

Park off campus when driving on a field trip.
do not
bring younger siblings on field trips.
Each child needs a seat with a seat belt and no airbag. Send in a car seat if necessary.

adaptation, energy & matter, solar system
2 times per week (monthly science experiments)

PE with Ms. Wels
one hour class on mondays and fridays

music - Morning Sing with Ms. Cowie and ms. Gibney
30 minutes on wednesdays

other learning opportunities...
social studies (Santa Cruz County geography and history of the ohlone tribe)
art masterpiece and ceramics project
computer technology-computer lab once per week and chrome books in the classroom

Reading- Fontas and pinnell assessments
math-chapter tests, quizzes, and 3 math benchmarks
writing- published pieces and 3 writing benchmarks
Social studies and science quizzes/projects
Sitton spelling tests

trimester one info...
trimester ends on november 9th
family conferences november 9th-16th

Positive Classroom Management...
Daily-Shout Out's, team points, marble jar, behavior chart, Peace Place
Weekly-fun friday, treasure box, mystery readers, Student of the Week
monthly-recognition assemblies, dance parties, movies

Check out these resources to learn more about Growth Mindset...
Mindset -A Book Written by Carol dweck
Youtube videos for kids about growth mindset
Reader's Workshop
reading-independent, small group, and whole class instruction
one on one conferences with each student
Nightly read and respond (in reader's notebooks)
Read alouds, Book Clubs, strategic reading groups, mystery readers!

writer's Workshop
Narrative, Informational, and opinion Writing genres
mini lesson, independent practice and publishing
daily writing practice in writer's notebooks
google classroom - gmail, docs, slides, draw (keyboarding practice)
Publishing parties!

Sitton Spelling Program
3rd Grade No Excuse word list
Word work 4 days per work
grammar and editing skills

envision math- daily lessons
CGI math-problem solving in small groups
Technology- XtraMath.org, dreambox.com, prodigygame.com
games- Additon/subtraction/multiplication War (card game), yahtzee, chess, checkers, connect four, Close the Box, memory (match pairs)
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