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Nuclear Engineers

No description

Jacob Sheerajin

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Nuclear Engineers

Nuclear Engineers
Responsibilities of a Nuclear Engineer
A nuclear engineer helps conduct research on nuclear reactions. These research projects are done to improve the reaction process of atoms and to help understand nuclear reactions.

During the construction of a nuclear power plant, nuclear engineers are called upon to oversee the nuclear reactor being installed. The engineer will work with other specialists to ensure the nuclear fuel is being loaded properly. If problems occur during the course of this construction, the nuclear engineer is to evaluate the problem and make corrections as quickly as possible.

By: Jacob Sheerajin
Anas Guled
Nuclear Engineers earn a median salary of about 81,177. The salary range is 57,987-129,492
Education Required
Nuclear Engineers need a bachelor degree to qualify for most entry-level positions, but many research jobs and management openings require a master degree or a doctorate. Some recommended high school courses are engineering analysis, nuclear reactor design, ionizing radiation, nuclear reactor engineering, and participating in an engineering internship at college.
Nuclear engineers work inside at offices working up blueprints and ideas, but are sometimes outside visiting the nuclear power plants.
Best Location
Future Demands
I think Nuclear Engineers will be needed a lot more in the future because since new technology is being innovated everyday, we need the engineers to manage the fossil fuels needed for the new technology.
Salary of a Nuclear Engineer
Nuclear Engineers in General
Nuclear power is extremely costly. Building or restarting any number of nuclear power plants would cost trillions of dollars.
Nuclear power on the other hand reduces the dependance on foreign oil/fuel.
Some interesting facts about nuclear engineers is that they could develop star power, an energy source with unlimited potential and little waste, design x-rays and MRI machines, simulate nuclear reactions on a computer, and help deliver power to homes and offices through power plants
1. I think the impact engineers will have on the future is that they'll keep creating and innovating new and old things because technology will never stop being refined
2. I don't think I would pursue a career in engineering because it seems like too much pressure to not mess up anything and to keep creating and innovating new things.
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