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The Sounds of English

No description

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of The Sounds of English

The Sounds of English
The Phonetic Alphabet
It is used to represent one and only one sound.

Phonetic Alphabet is different to English alphabet.

The Internal Phonetic Association (IPA)

They are distinctive speech sounds.

They can be aspired and uninspired.

They are abstract representations of speech segments.


The three Dimensions to Classify Consonant Sound

Place of Articulation

Manner of Articulation
When the vocal cords are drawn together, the air from the lungs repeatedly pushes them apart as it passases throught creating a vivrating effect.

Place of Articulation and its Classification
Alveolar: Tongue over or close to the alveolar part.

Palatal: Produce with the blade of the tongue or body of the tongue close to the hard palete.

Velar: Body of the tongue over or close to the soft palate.

Glotal: The air passing through the trashed and the vocal cords.
Vowel Sounds, Including Diphthongs
Vowel Quadrant
Articulators and the Oral Apparatus

Place of Articulation and its Classification

Bilabial: Both lips.

Labiodental: Upper teeth and the lower lip.

Dental: Tongue over or close to the internal part .

Manner or Articulation and its Classification
Plosive ( Stop): Air flow is blocked or stopped completly before.

Fricative: Air moves through a narrow passage created when the organs get close but not touch each other.

Nasal: Throught the nasal cavity.

Approximates: Flows around the tongue.
Difference between the Orthographic Alphabet and Phonetic Alphabet

The Orthographic alphabet or alphabet writing systems has a loose association between letters of the alphabet, or graphemes, and sounds. They are different.
Mannager and Place of Articulation
Voiced and Unvoiced
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