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Fears and Phobias

No description

tristin key

on 13 March 2015

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Transcript of Fears and Phobias

Even most famous people are scared of stuff like flying also known as aroephobia. even Mr. Haider use to be afraid of heights. A famous woman named Jennifer Aniston.
one other phobia of antique phobia

Billy Bob Thornton the famous bad santa. is deathly afraid of antique furniture. He is not comfortable being in a room with any furniture that goes back before 1850. (It must have been hard to film The Alamo. Almost as tough as it was to watch that movie!)

Phobias of clowns
Johnny Depp is terrified of clowns. Says Johnny, "There's something about the painted face, the fake smile. There always seems to be a darkness lurking under the surface, a potential for real evil."

I will be talking about what type of fears and phobias I have learned in my book. I will share and summarize what what I have read about in Haunted Canada. Ooooooo so scary oooooo ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
Fears and Phobias
Fears are a recognized factor of this world. why it happens I don't know i have been researching a lot i have found comments no facts.
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