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Using Library Resources

What Every Ivey Finance MBA Should Know

Alie Visser

on 15 September 2009

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Transcript of Using Library Resources

Using Library Resources What Every Ivey Finance MBA Should Know Selection Committee Topic You have been invited to do a presentation
to a group of Ivey MBA students on finance
tools. There are 50 students in the class, all
equipped with laptops/wireless access, and
there is a data projector in the room. The
only direction given to you is 'be innovative'.
Describe what you would do and why. 

Note that at Ivey MBA sessions are often not
assigned by Faculty but by the MBA
Coordinator, a staff person. So it is possible
you will not get a chance to talk to the faculty
member about the session.
Topics Covered Today •Background on Ivey MBA Students

•Ivey MBA Finance Toolbar

•Free content vs. proprietary databases

•Narrated Guides


Ivey MBA Student Basics Earning an MBA from Ivey offers two different
experiences for students:

1. MBA students are not located at the central
Ivey campus; therefore the library must develop
continuous outreach opportunities.

2. Ivey is one of the leading business schools
in the world teaching with the case method.
The library has specialized resources that
will help find solutions.
How The Library Can Help You 1. Best: The C.B. “Bud” Johnston Library is one of the
best business libraries in Canada

2. Free! We have access to leading databases and
journals at no extra cost to you as a student!

3. Access: Use databases from on campus or at
home with off-campus access

4. Advance: Progress in your course and
professional work Ivey vs. Western Computing Accounts Ivey is a separate school in many ways

Ivey has their own wireless network,
email system and Intranet

Because of this many students get
confused accessing library resources
(from off-campus especially)
Setting Up Your UWO Account The C.B. “Bud” Johnston Library is one of seven
Western Libraries locations

We use the University of Western
Ontario’s computing accounts to control access
to our databases – your Ivey information will
not work!

To set up your UWO computing account please
go to http://www.uwo.ca/its/ and click on Email
on the left side panel

If you require further assistance, please come into the
library or email us at buslib@ivey.uwo.ca or chat with
us at http://www.lib.uwo.ca/business/
Ivey MBA Finance Toolbar Simply go to

Available for Firefox, Internet Explorer
and Safari
Johnston Library Finance Toolbar This toolbar has been created with Finance
MBA’s in mind

Toolbar includes:

» Ability to search the Johnston Find Answers
Quickly database for all your reference needs

» Links to the top Finance databases

» Finance guides – which databases suits your
research needs

» Chat with library staff and book the Bloomberg
or Datastream terminals

Narrated Guides The Johnston Library has many narrated guides
to help you understand how to use our databases
Thomson ONE Banker Narrated Guide
Free vs. Proprietary Information Let’s go to Google Finance
at http://www.google.ca/finance?hl=en&tab=we

In the search box let’s search for
McCain Foods

From the Related Companies section
we can see that McCain Foods is a private

Google does not offer information
on private companies
Free vs. Proprietary Information Now let’s compare Selectory with Google Finance

Go to Selectory in the toolbar under Financial Databases

Here you will be asked to login with your UWO username
and password

Write down Selectory’s separate login information

Login to Selectory

Conduct a Quick Search for McCain Foods

Select #2 McCain Foods Limited
Review 1. C.B. “Bud” Johnston Library has many
resources to help you.

2. Ivey and Western Libraries use different
computing accounts.

3. We are here to help you –
either in person, via email or chat, or with
print or narrated guides.

4. There is a large difference between what
is available free online and what we can
provide with our databases.
Thank You! Alie Visser
C.B. “Bud” Johnston Library
Richard Ivey School of Business


Any questions?
by Alie Visser
C.B. "Bud" Johnston Library Tools Review 1. MBA Finance Toolbar

2. Narrated Tutorial -- available anytime
at http://www.lib.uwo.ca/business/ Presentation If you would like to review
this presentation again it
is available at
http://www.lib.uwo.ca/business/ Thomson ONE Banker Financial Ratios
& Analyst Reports

Narrated Guide:

Full transcript