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Organizational Effectiveness Assessment

No description

Jane Shannon

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Organizational Effectiveness Assessment

What it an Organizational
Effectiveness Assessment? It is a rigorous and anonymous data collection
methodology which creates a unique
opportunity for leadership teams to assess
their current reality and
increase awareness of their
strengths and weaknesses. What is the objective? To help leadership teams gain a broader view of
the organization's current functioning, and the
behavioral and leadership dynamics that may be
limiting or contributing to the team's success. What is the process? The Data Collection Is Analyzed Step Four Our consultants select individuals
to participate in the data
collection process Step One Competencies and Questions
are Customized Step Two Data Collection Step Three Review Data, Prioritize Step Six Ensuring a proper representation of
the various levels within the organization. The approaches to collect data will vary from client to client. Typically we gather feedback combining approaches such as:
In person interviews
Telephone interviews
Online surveys Feedback is categorized, themes are identified.
Special attention is paid to ensure the data while direct and specific, it is not identifiable, keeping the process anonymous.

The output of this process unveils strengths and weaknesses at a collective and individual level. ORGANIZATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS ASSESSMENT Step Five Team Report and Individual Feedback Reports are produced, allowing the data to guide the action planning to support the organizational success. The Leadership Team participates in a Team Alignment Offsite session.
Using the feedback reports as framework, the team aligns on priorities. We focus on addressing the behaviors, skills,
and competencies that are most critical to
the success of the business. Current Organizational Reality VISION Clarity
Alignment BUSINESS
RESULTS EXECUTION Alignment It is an effective data-driven approach to increase focus, awareness, sense of urgency and overall leadership effectiveness!
In a nutshell...
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