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Colorado State Vs. James E. Holmes

No description

Natalia Maliborski

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Colorado State Vs. James E. Holmes

Basic Elements/Facts of the case
On July 7th, 2012, twelve days before the midnight screening of the Batman movie, James Holmes bought his ticket online.
On July 19th, 2012 in Aurora, Colorado, James Holmes attended the midnight premiere of “The Dark Knight Rises.”
Holmes was in theater nine of the Century Aurora 16 Multiplex Theater,
He was impersonating a character from Batman, The Joker.
Shortly after entering the theater, Holmes exited the theater, went to the parking lot, and returned, covered in full-body protective gear: a ballistic helmet, pads on his legs, throat, and groin, black gloves and a gas mask.
Before completely re-entering, Holmes threw two tear gas canisters into the theater.
Once the canisters exploded, the shooting began; first, shots were fired at the ceiling, then the bullets were directed towards the crowd.
He used an AR-15 rifle, 12-gauge shotgun, and one of two potential .40 caliber handguns.
Twelve people were killed and fifty-eight people were injured. The victim's ages varied from 6 to 51.
After Holmes' was taken into custody, he made a statement revealing that he had explosives in his apartment.
The police evacuated the five buildings in the area of Holmes' apartment.
After disarming the homemade bombs, the investigators found approximately 30 grenades and 10 gallons of gasoline.
James Holmes was charged with 166 crimes.
Holmes made an offer to plea guilty, and spend life in prison, as long as the death penalty would be avoided.
Prosecution denied his offer, and stated that they would be seek the death penalty.
Holmes plead not guilty by reason of insanity.
Holmes went under one mental health evaluation, but now he is undergoing a second evaluation.
A hearing is set for Dec. 17-18, 2013.
The trial is set for February 3, 2014, in the Arapahoe County Courthouse.

The State of Colorado Vs. James E. Holmes
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