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Learn to Present with Prezi

Learn about Prezi with Prezi!

Jacque Cook

on 30 July 2014

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Transcript of Learn to Present with Prezi

Learn to Present with
Jacque Cook, M. Ed.
IRC Assessment GA

Getting Started
Go to www.prezi.com
Sign Up/Create an Account
Begin Making Prezi's
Prezi's Features
The Canvas
Frames & Arrows
Path Sidebar
Help Button
Frames & Arrows
Bracket Frame
Circle Frame
Rectangle Frame
Invisible Frame
Zooming and Transformation Tool
Click object on canvas and move, size, and rotate it using the Transformation Tool
Path Sidebar
After adding frames and content:
Edit Path
Select frames/content
Move frames/content on path sidebar
Symbols & Shapes
YouTube Videos
Background Music
Sharing/Editing Prezi
Can share your prezi
Others can edit/create it with you
Present remotely online with others
Select to share
in order to edit
with others
What is Prezi?
A Cloud Based
Uses a "zoomable canvas" upon which concepts can be displayed
Uses data and visuals along a predetermined path to tell a story that sticks in the minds of the audience and makes for a more effective presentation
Lets Make a Prezi Together
Several videos can be found on YouTube
to assist you in making Prezis!
The Canvas
Use a blank canvas to create your own design
Use a template to help guide you in your prezi creation
search for a template
A PowerPoint
Add a PowerPoint
to Prezi
Note: Prezi works best in Google Chrome
Present Mode
1. Click
2. Click
for full screen with keyboard
3. Use left and right keys on keyboard or arrows on screen to more through your Prezi
The space bar may be used to move forward only
4. Can set Prezi to move on its own
4, 10, or 20 second intervals
5. Hit the
key to exit presentation
Moves Prezi forward
Moves Prezi Forward and Backwards through frames
Exit Presentation
Move Prezi forward and backwards
Set time
1. Select Insert
2. Select PowerPoint
3. Open Your PowerPoint
4. Drag & Drop Slides on Canvas
5. Add Prezi Effects to Slides
Add and change
frame here
This will
show up just by placing your mouse
on the right side of the canvas
My Content
Single Frame
Multi-Frame (diagrams)
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