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Footwear Costing Newletter - September

No description

Joannie Xia

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of Footwear Costing Newletter - September

FW Costing Communications - September
9/5 adidas Porsche category FW15 CR2 timeline
Sep 9 - FW15 CR2 CBD deadline for 12.5months products calendar
Sep 18 - FW15 CR2 CBD deaeline for 18months products calendar

9/5 SCS timeline for 03/01/2015 intro styles in Reebok
Key costing milestone
• 9/8 Mid-Autumn Festival
• 9/11 PDM training for both LO/FT dev. and Costing for Sept. release
• 9/15-17 Valerie visit FZ LO
• 9/18 Development process workshop held in FLU
• 9/19 FW15 pattern review meeting with IE/SPCM/Costing for CR2 projects
• 9/24&26 Framework refresh training for both LO/FT dev. and Costing Team
• 9/27 Social activity—Charity Sales
• 9/29~30 FFT training for Leonard/Lynn/Cindy

• Sep.9th – 12th : New costing director Valerie came to visit SC.
• Sep.10 : Costing team activity in Baiyun mountain with Valerie.
• Sep.15 Ellen/Flora are visiting HQ and joining the costing review meeting for FW15 CR2

Key costing events
Key costing events
North China
South China
Key costing events
Key costing events
Best Practice
Best Practice
Best Practice
Best Practice
Best Practice
Sep 1 - Cathy Wang
Sep 2 - Karen Xiao
Sep 2 - Winnie Hu
Sep 3 - Andre Bakara

Dear team,

Time flies, autumn is already at the corner.

This month I had the chance to spend some time with the GZ team and the FZ team in China.
Thanks to both teams for their warm welcome ! I am looking forward to meeting you all again face to face soon.

Having now visited all 4 offices and knowing you a little better was very helpful when we discussed costing topics during the last SMM in HK. These trips made it easier for me to relate to your daily challenges and to understand your expectations.
Which I can then escalate to either Horst or HQC.

On the costing front,
• FW15 CR2 was a busy deadline which you delivered on time. Thank you for the hard work ! I know you spend many late hours to
check and challenge these CBDs. There is still a lot of work ahead of us for Fall Winter, as we expect categories to come back with changes to reduce gaps with tFOBs for FPL. Let’s make sure we remind factories to stick to standards so the check is made easier, and that top models are thoroughly looked into.
• SOP standardization is full on for irregular printing, no sew and aquatech. I count on our costing analysts to work closely together
so we keep track of the progress done by the project leads on the technical side.
• FW15 negotiation will start soon, maybe an opportunity to do it a little differently. I will keep you updated on the outcome.

I am soon on my way to Canton and Herzog and although I am not in a hurry to experience the rainy cold days of Autumn there,
this will be a great opportunity to get feedback and share with our colleagues in HQ.

Enjoy the reading !

Valerie Autissier
Sourcing Costing Footwear

PDM enhancement training on Sep 18 - 19;
adidas LO Townhall meeting on Sep 18;
Aug 22- VN LO team building
Dear Team:

Welcome to access this website to
share your opinion and publish
your interesting story in this


Sep 4 - Lan Pham
Sep 16 - Lark Liu
Sep 25 - Joannie Xia
Sep 29 - Huong Huong

NC Team with Valerie
Key message from Valerie
SC Team
with Valerie
Indo LO - Townhall Meeting
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