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MLDP presentation

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Nasreen Iqbal

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of MLDP presentation

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MLDP presentation
Nasreen Iqbal


This presentation will focus upon two area,
A project aimed at 'Closing the gap'.
2. Developing my self as a leader

Selecting an area of focus
I am very passionate about exploring ways of supporting children leave our school with a strong foundation for secondary school.
Intervention - Why in year 6 ?
Catching children early
Raising children' s confidence levels
How do some school achieve 90 or 100 % in their SATs levels ?
Deciding on a focus area
Data Analysis
Focus area - Reading
Data was studied from year 3 to year 5
Year 4 seemed to be an ideal cohort
as planned intervention could be carried into year 5 enabling a strong foundation to commence year 6
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