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Amelia Earhart Disappearance Solved?

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Iris Ugalde-Lopez

on 21 December 2012

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Transcript of Amelia Earhart Disappearance Solved?

By Iris Ugalde Amelia Earhart Disappearance Solved? The Amelia Earhart Mystery has been solved. Amelia Earhart spent the rest of her days on a remote island, now known as Nikumaroro. According to www.historywiz.com
"TIGHAR found shoe fragments, a Cat's-Paw replacement heel, most of a rubber sole, and a brass shoelace eyelet. The Cat's Paw manufacturer has identified the heel as dating from the mid-1930s and the sole, which aligns with the nail holes in the heel, as probably coming from a woman's blucher oxford shoe. Furthermore more evidence is that there were bone fragments that coordinated with those of Amelia Earhart. Also according to historywiz.com "TIGHAR also found bone fragments that were misinterpreted and later reanalyzed that more likely female than male
more likely white than Polynesian or other Pacific Islander most likely between 5'5" and 5'9" in height." (History wiz 2008) History.com said that TIGHAR had found "....most intriguing of all—bone fragments." History 2012) More evidence is " A telegram dated July 3, 1937 to the Secretary of State reveals that on the evening of July 2nd, the radio station on the island of Nauru (which had heard Earhart's in-flight transmissions the night before) hears "Fairly strong signals, speech not intelligible, no hum of plane in background, but voice similar to that emitted from plane in flight last night." (2012) To begin with Amelia Earhart survived because there is evidence that there were human items that relate to those of Amelia Earhart. Analysis showed the shoe to be a size 9. Photographs of Earhart taken shortly before her flight show her wearing blucher oxford style shoes with brass shoelace eyelets and what may be a recently replaced heel.'' (History Wiz 1999) In history.com “During TIGHAR's 2010 expedition, the team uncovered some of their most compelling clues yet. While foraging in a spot where they had previously identified traces of a campfire, they came across three pieces of a pocketknife, shells that had been cut open, fragments of a glass cosmetic jar, bits of makeup...” (History.com 2012) newsfeed.time.com also says something similar. According to TIGHAR´s official website
"TIGHAR asked Dr. Lewis to further evaluate the clumps using molecular genetic methods. The University of Oklahoma Molecular Anthropology Laboratories were successful in detecting human mitochondrial DNA in the material. Unlike the bone fragment, the presence of human DNA in the clumps is unambiguous. DNA from two individuals was detected." (Tighar 2011) Also according to the Discovery Documentary Betty Clank a teenager in 1937, St. Petersburg Florida claimed to have heard Amelia Earhart while she was listening to the radio, a notebook in hand.(2012) According to the Discovery Documentary Amelia Earhart´s last words to the radio station were "we´re on the line 157 337" (2012) It is now clear that Amelia Earhart landed on Nikumaroro. There is evidence to prove it such as the items found on the island, human bones and the radio communications. Amelia Earhart is a women to be admired . Now that the 75 year old mystery is solved there will be no doubt to what happened to Amelia, and her navigator Fred Noonan. Anonymous. (2012)
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