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Copy of Final - Wolfgang Keller Case

No description

Fei Feng

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Final - Wolfgang Keller Case

Recommendations Wolfgang Keller at Königsbräu-TAK
By Fei Feng,
Kathy Liu,
Fan Fei,
Manesha Kassim ,
Lora Flanagan Issue 1: Conflict Within Top Management Who, what, where? Team Members: Issue 1: Conflict Within Top Management

Issue 2: Performance Appraisal System Main Issues Alternatives Fire Brodsky

Help improve Brodsky's performance

Reorganize around Brodsky to compensate for his inadequacies. Analysis & Recommendation Instill Motivation
34 year old graduate of Harvard Business School

Proven reputation as a successful hands on manager that could turn companies around.

Brought earning success to the suffering subsidiary Wolfgang Keller Dmitri Brodsky 44 years old

Works directly under Keller as the Commercial Department Director

Great deal of experience working in large and important firms

Hired for experience and maturity, to balance the otherwise young group of managers Konigsbrau-TAK is the Ukrainian subsidiary of a
famous German beer company. Commercial Strategy Marketing strategy: strengthen distributors relationship,
heavy support service

Rationale: beer industry expanded,
consumer preferences undifferentiated,
distributors reach customers directly,
personal relationship really matter

Result: significantly increased market share,
greatly improved profitability Issue 1: Conflict within top management The appraisal form is too general
Responsibility items
rating scale

Responsibility items are not comprehensive and representative
Example: no leadership skill indicator

Lack of objective criteria
Example: sales quota Issue 2: Performance Appraisal System Issues regarding rater
- Keller’s bias
- Comments are not well explained

Lack of input from subordinate
-Appraisal interview is not enough Why not fire him?

-Difficult to find a qualified replacement
-Zelenko, was not yet ready to take over the sales function, let alone the entire commercial department.
-The job market for English-speaking candidates made it harder to attract the right personnel.
-Lower Morale
-Discourage Loyalty Alternative 1 Why not reorganize around Brodsky and split up marketing and sales?

Zelenko was in the training phase and lacked sufficient expertise
Consume training time
Not cost effective
Aggravate Keller and Brodsky’s relationship
Cause Brodsky to want to quit
Keller would be held liable to senior management Alternative 3 Why help Brodsky?

-Very well qualified
-Excellent analytical skills
-Long-term employee with knowledge of the
-Loyal employee
-Capacity to improve
-Great Potential Alternative 2 -Understand unique profile
-Create inherent motivation
-Pull solutions out by leveraging
employee’s locus of energy
-Form relational trust
-Increase communication
-Reward performance through
constant feedback Step 1: Create a Rich Picture
Step 2: Reframe Goals
Step 3: Stage the Encounter Keller had serious reservations about Brodsky 1.Incapacity to quickly react to problems

2.formal and distant management style Issue 2-
Performance Appraisal Process Focus on Performance Management instead of just Performance Appraisal

•Provide ongoing feedback
•Focused on individual’s growth
•Practical and effective Redesign the Performance Appraisal Process
•Redesign the Appraisal Form
•Provide Training to Evaluators
•Implement 360 degree feedback
•Conduct an Effective Performance Review
•Review the effectiveness of the Performance
Appraisal System Redesign the Performance Appraisal Process

• Redesign the Appraisal Form
• Provide Training to Evaluators
• Implement 360 degree feedback
• Conduct an Effective Performance Review
• Review the effectiveness of the Performance Appraisal System 1. Basic Employee Information
2. Signatures
3. Accountabilities, Objectives, and Standards
4. Competencies and Indicators
5. Major Achievements and Contributions
6. Stakeholder Input
7. Employee Comments
8. Developmental Achievements
9. Developmental New Performance Appraisal Form Components a. Needs
b. Plans
c. Goals -Both Brodsky and Keller need to be developed
-Follow three steps for instilling motivation in problem employees
-Ensure high levels of communication, and constant feedback
-Consistent effort to understand unique profile of problem employees
-Focus on Performance Management
-Redesign Performance Appraisal Process SUMMARY
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