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5 Basic Sequence Of Service Observation in 4 Different Resta

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Ynnah Valdez

on 10 February 2015

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Transcript of 5 Basic Sequence Of Service Observation in 4 Different Resta

Observation of 5 Basic Sequences of Service in 4 different Restaurants
Service Style
Service Time
Number of servers
Seating Capacity
MSG- 6:43
Taking Order: 1:06
Serving of the Order: 15:00
Billing Out: 4:32
The Farewell: 0:43
AC: Php800/pax
Seat capacity: 200 pax
Size of restaurant 307.95m2
Four Seasons Chinese Cuisine
MS: 05 seconds
Taking Order: 24 seconds
Billing Out: 20 seconds
Serving of the Order: 2:06 minutes
The Farewell:
AC: Php250/pax
Seating capacity: 500-900 seats
Number of staff: 4 FOH
Sales: Weekdays: 35-40K
Weekends: 80-100K
Number of transactions/guests per day: Weekdays: 300
Turnover: 30 mins- 1hr
MSG- 2:17
Taking Order: 1:43
Interval: 5:31
Serving of the Order: 25:07
Billing Out: 9:57
The Farewell: 0:56
Casual Dining
Fast Casual Dining
Fine Dining
Food Court
Taking the order
Serving the order
The Bill out
The Farewell
(Weekday, Weekends)
Fine Dining, Traditional Japanese Service Style
Seating Capacity: 180
Profit: Weekday: 300k
Weekend: 500k
Turnover: 45-1 1/2 hrs
Number of servers: 20
Fast Casual Service Style
*Manager checked up on our table 14mins after food was served
*Gave a coupon for next visit
Casual Dining Service Style
MSG- 0:31
Taking Order: 6:30
Serving of the Order: 39:50
Billing Out: 4:22
The Farewell: 1:45
AC: Php1000/pax
Seating capacity: 50-60pax
*Manager greeted us immediately & offered complimentary dessert
Food Court Service Style
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