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How the concentration of sugar solution affects the rate of osmosis

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혜미 이

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of How the concentration of sugar solution affects the rate of osmosis

Angela Lee
Chloe Han
What is Osmosis?
Osmosis is a process that some part of a solution with lower concentration moves to the other solution with higher concentration so that both solutions have equal concentration.
Through our experiment, we are measuring the differences between the original weight and changed weight of potatoes in 5 sugar solutions with different concentration.
Chloe predicted that the weight of potato will increase as the concentration of sugar decrease because the osmosis works well when the difference between those two concentrations is big. Contrarily, Angela said that the weight of potato will increase as the concentration of sugar increase because she thought that much amount of sugar will even stimulate and help the osmosis process work stronger.
rate of osmosis
How the concentration of sugar solution affects the

weights of potatoes
amount of food
amount of water
time we put the potatoes in
- a 250ml measuring cylinder for measuring the amount of water
- 5 beakers to contain 5 solutions
- a balance for weighing things
- sugar
- a timer
- a potato
- a knife for cutting the potato
- notebook, pen for recording

Potato in water with no sugar weighed the highest after 30 minutes, 3.02g.

Potato in water with 40g sugar weighed the lowest, 2.85g but still increased.

The rate of osmosis is the highest in the water with no sugar and lowest in the water with the highest amount of sugar.
Independent Variable

amount of sugar that is added into different solutions

Dependent Variable
Controlled Variables

Always tie our hair back and put our lab coats and goggles on.
We should be cautious about our equipment!

Set 5 beakers in your table, and put 250ml water to each beaker, using measuring cylinder. Then put different amount of sugar to each beaker. there is a pure water with no sugar, 0g, and then 10g, 20g, 30g, 40g. Use a balance for this section. Once you’ve done that, cut out the potato, 5 little pieces, exactly weighing 2.82g each. Put them into the beakers at the same time, then count 30 minutes with your timer. After 30 minutes, take out the potato pieces and weigh them again. Record the changed weights, and then you can clean the equipment!

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