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Project for 1st Hour - C.A.L

Romana Akter

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of TOP 5 MUSIC GENRES

TOP 5 MUSIC GENRES Rock Music has been around since the ... 1960s Rock music is usually based on ... LOVE or ... Many known artists of rock music are ... the ROLLING STONE the BEATLES and the ... Techno Music has been around since the ... late 1980s It's also know as ... Techno Music is formed by, drum machines, synthesizers and digital audio workstations Darude deadmau5 David Guetta Some known techno artists are ... Pop Music borrows elements from other genres. Pop Music has been around since the ... 1930s Pop Music began in the United States Some known Pop Music artists are ... D R A K E ONE DIRECTION Katy Perry Bruno Mars Hip-Hop Music has been around since the ... early 1970s There are NO rules except to be ORIGINAL and to rhyme to the beat of the music. Some known Hip Hop artists are ... Nicki Minaj Chris Brown Country Music has been around since the ... early 1920s Country Music uses string instruments such as ... acoustic guitars violins Some known Country Music artists are ... to Hip Hop Music and Taylor Swift J

h Carrie Underwood "All in all, music servers as an outlet for our feelings and expressions. No matter what genre you choose, it reflects part of yourself as you listen to it's melody and lyrics."
~Angelo Manreal~ -
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