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Making Inferences from Foreshadowing

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Susan Scott

on 2 April 2015

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Transcript of Making Inferences from Foreshadowing

Let's Get Engaged!
It's On You Now!
You can do it !
From the list of other short stories or other texts we have read in this class they will pick one to repeat this activity with alone. They will come up with 5 pieces of foreshadowing that exist in that story we've read previously and bring that to class the next day.
Students will move from their reading groups to different groups of 4-5 students and decide on the 6 best pieces of foreshadowing from their previous work. This makes it so they can't pick one person's list and present that. After they have their new list of 6, each group will present one piece to the class and explain why it is important, so we can create a class list of foreshadowing from the text. We will discuss how we can infer the ending from each piece of foreshadowing listed as a class
We're Still Doing....
Students will get their copies of
A Rose for Emily
and move into their reading groups (pre-existing and year long group). Once in their groups they will read silently together taking breaks every 5ish minutes to ask any questions they have to their groups. After finishing reading they will come up with, as a group, 5 pieces of foreshadowing from the text that you can use to inference the ending. Teacher will be walking around offering suggestions while students.
We do....
A Pre-Made graphic organizer showing
5 pieces of foreshadowing from the
The Others
. Students will read
a synopsis of the movie then watch
the two clips showing the ending of
the movie. We can then discuss how
the 5 pieces of foreshadowing lead to
the ending.

I do....
The bellringer will involve picking a word from a list of ACT/SAT words and have students guess the definition. We will then discuss how the words can be used in non-academic situations.
Why Inferences and Foreshadowing?
Making inferences about the text they're reading shows that students are engaging with it on more than just a surface level. Students can then apply their inferential skills to identifying foreshadowing in text and where the text will go.
Analyze an author's choices
and how they develop and
relate to elements of the text
We will then discuss how textual evidence and foreshadowing are linked. Discuss if obvious hints or subtle hints are better in a story or if one is better in a particular type of story. Engaging different types of media gets all students involved instead of just readers.
Have you ever been surprised by the ending of a movie or book?
Don't kill your significant other you are engaged to and sleep next to their corpse for decades now!
Thanks for Watching!
Making Inferences from Foreshadowing
A Rose for Emily

by William Faulkner
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