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The Little Prince Book Report for Chapter 12

Chapter 12...

Daryl Dane Domugho

on 17 February 2013

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Transcript of The Little Prince Book Report for Chapter 12

The Little Prince Book Report C HAPTER 12 Prepared by:
Daryl Dane B. Domugho
Glorylid Angel P. Khu Vocabulary Words 1. Tippler - (n.) a person who drinks intoxicating
liquor especially habitually or excessively. 2. Plunged - (v), to enter or cause to enter a state
or course of action suddenly. 3. Dejection - (n), depression, lowness of spirit. 4. Lugubrious - (adj), Looking or sounding sad and dismal. 5. Impregnable - (adj), secure against attack, unyielding,
cannot be broken, unable to be defeated or destroyed. Comprehension 1. Why do you think the tippler is ashamed of drinking yet he is still doing it? The fact that the tippler drinks to forget that he is ashamed of his drinking is absurd and irrational, but the fact that “shame” plays such a big part in his actions indicates his awareness of his life’s emptiness. The arrival of the prince presents an opportunity for the drunkard to break the cycle, but instead the drunkard retreats into silence, as he is too stubborn and unwilling to address his serious problems. Furthermore, the author clearly points out the fallacious reasoning that mankind gives to justify their bad habits. 2. Cite examples in real life that is similar to the tippler's situation. A student who wants to be part of the honor roll but does not study. A person who wants forgiveness but keeps on repeating his/her mistakes. A person who does not want to be gossiped but he/she still does things that make people gossip about him/her. A person who dreams big but does not take action for its fulfillment. A teenager who does not want to get hurt in love but still falls in love without thinking. 3. Some say that drinking is a way to forget all of our problems. What is your stand in this? In a keyboard, there is an Esc. button to close programs that work slowly. We tend to press the Esc. button impatiently but we later realizes that it makes the program work slower. To properly close the program, we should either wait for it to work or start the task manager to shut it down. In life, when there is a problem, we tend to try to "escape" from it. An example of this is drinking. Yes it could be a way for some to forget their problems but we know that it does not solve it. Furthermore, drinking may cause the situation to become worse. At times like these we have two options; we could face the problem, however complicated it may be, or, we could start all over again, giving each other a second chance and becoming a better person. Previously on Chapter 11... Questions "Why are you drinking?" Striking Lines "To forget that I am ashamed-ashamed of drinking." "The grown-ups are certainly very, very odd." -Little Prince -Tippler - Little Prince Chapter 12
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