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Mean Girls v.s. Julius Caesar

No description

Kelsey Wray

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Mean Girls v.s. Julius Caesar

Social Suicide as Political Suicide Kelsey Wray
Block 1 Theme & Motif Interpretations Props/Costumes Comparison Mention of Julius Caesar
in Mean Girls Motif Theme Motif Theme Regina George Janis Ian Cady Heron Characters as Julius Caesar ~ as Brutus ~ as Cassius ~ - "People control their own fate;
to die bravely & honorably is the best course." In Julius Caesar, Brutus willingly dies with more
bravery & honor in that moment than he had ever
displayed throughout the whole play.
In Mean Girls, Cady Heron isn't killed, but she does end
up killing the indecent role the audience watches her develop throughout the movie. - Stubborn people who suffer for it

- Individuals succeed through adaptability, bargaining, & compromise. Lying & betrayal Variations: - Sneaky &

- Behind the scenes
of the plot - Honorable ideals = open to

- Acts on what she believes
to be the "public's" wishes - Admired by everyone

- To make things happen just by words alone Ruthless version of Regina - Brutus killed Caesar ~ Cady killed Regina's reputation

- Brutus of the conspirators ~ Cady acted as head

- Close & trusting - "Jealousy is very destructive."
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