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Song of Solomon Hero's Journey

No description

nicholas bloom

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Song of Solomon Hero's Journey

Nicholas Bloom
Kate Croxton
Kate Immel
Anita Punja Song of solomon Hero's Journey Call to Adventure!!! The call to adventure occurs when Macon Dead orders his son to steal the gold from Pilate's house (pg. 172). Supernatural Aid The peacock is the supernatural aid that pushes Milkman and Guitar onto their journey for the gold. The peacock appears numerous times and is symbolic of wealth and how it can harmfully affect people. Belly of the Whale The belly of the whale scene occurs when Milkman crosses the river. This scene occurs when Milkman is trying to cross the deep river to the caves where, supposedly, his grandfather and the gold is located. While crossing the river, Milkman's clothes become dirty and soaking wet; his expensive watch gets cracked; and his shoes are basically ruined. This scene is when Milkman discovers that all the expensive items that composed him in Michigan are basically useless here and that he needs to survive without these tangible but ironically worthless items. The Road of Trials Milkman goes through several challenging trials on his journey towards his past. His first problem is when his car breaks down and he is delayed. His next problem is when an angry civilian fights him and cuts him with a knife. Milkman's next biggest sacrifice is when he fails to find the gold. However, his biggest delay occurs when Guitar continuously to kill him, especially when he nearly succeeds while Milkman is hunting. Meeting with the Goddess Milkman's meeting with the goddess is when he visits Miss Byrd. She gives him knowledge of his past and a new found appreciation toward his history and his family. Atonement with the Father When Guitar confronts Milkman on the road back to Shalimar, Milkman discovers Guitar is after him because Guitar believes that Milkman has "shipped" the gold to Virginia. Milkman is defiant to die because he wants to learn about his past completely. Refusal of the Call Milkman does not believe that there is gold, and he does not believe that he can have it, so he finds excuses to not steal it. "Get it. For both of us. Please get it, son. Get the gold (pg. 172)." "He hadn't believed it was really there, or really gold, or that he could really have it just for the taking (pg. 183-184)." "Milkman stared off into the sky for inspiration, and while glancing toward the rooftops of the used-car places, he saw a white peacock poised on the roof... (pg. 178)." Crossing of the First Threshold The crossing of the first threshold begins for Milkman when he leaves his hometown and goes out into unknown territory: the South. "Milkman turned and walked across the room. It was good advice, he thought. Why not take it? He closed the door (pg. 216)." "Snorting water, he cursed the creek, which was too shallow to swim and too rocky to walk(pg. 249)." DEPARTURE INITIATION "Then a witch had stepped out of his childhood nightmares to grab him, and he'd lived through that...now he walked into a store and asked if someone could fix his car and a nigger pulled a knife on him. And he still wasn't dead (pg. 270)." "Guitar, why am I am her? If I was shipping gold back home, why am I here dressed like this? Would I be roaming around in the country like a fool with a crate of gold off somewhere (pg. 296)?" Apotheosis The Ultimate Boon The Apotheosis of the story is when Milkman goes swimming with Sweet. He understands that he has treated Hagar wrong and that his relationship with Sweet is the closest to a real relationship he has ever had. He also realizes all the filth that he has been accumulating all his life in his relationships to others and therefore wants to clean himself up. The Ultimate Boon that Milkman receives is the knowledge of his family tree and the history of his kin all the way to pre-Civil War America. "Come on, lets go swimming. I'm dirty and I want waaaaater" (pg. 326)! "That motherfucker could fly! Could fly! He didn't need no airplane. Didn't need no fuckin tee double you ay. He could fly his own self (329)!" Master of Two Worlds Milkman masters his worlds after he realizes that he loves Pilate. He knows that she should by all rights hate him for causing the death of Hagar, but she still loves him anyway. Freedom to Live Milkman is able to live completely only after Pilate dies and he believes he is going to be killed by Guitar. Because he no longer fears death or Guitar, he is able to jump off of Solomon's Leap and put his life and death in his own hands. "Now he knew why he loved her so. Without ever leaving the ground, she could fly (pg. 336)." "For now he know what Shalimar knew: If you surrendered to the air, you could ride it (pg. 337)." "Some of those Africans they brought over here as slaves could fly...The one around here who did was this same Solomon... (pg. 322)"
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