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No description

Idema Pearson

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Animal


Snowball is one of the
leaders of Animal Farm, and
the more intellectual of the two.
He cares a lot about the animals of the farm.
Snowball rivaled Napoleon, but
in the end he was driven away.
Leon Trotsky
Trotsky was a member of the communist party. He expected to be Lenin's successor, but Stalin outmaneuvered him and became the leader of the party. Trotsky went into exile and kept speaking out against Stalin, but was eventually assassinated.
Napoleon is shown to be clever, but never really contributes anything to the creation of animal farm. He is a brutal leader who relies on propaganda and fear to gain control.
Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin joined and worked his way up through the communist party so that he would be the one in control when Lenin died. He was very power hungry.
Benjamin is very suspicious of animalism and doesn't think it'll really change anything, but when asked why, he only says, "Donkeys live a long time. None of you have seen a dead donkey."
The Old and Educated
They were critical of communism, but at they weren't willing to do anything to stop it until it affected the people they cared about.
Vyacheslav Molotov
Squealer is one of the pigs who supported Napoleon over Snowball, and is quite a smooth talker. He is the one who talks for Napoleon and creates propaganda to lie to the other animals.
Molotov was one of Joseph Stalin's protégés and the head of propaganda for the communist party. He was devoted to Stalin and supported him against rivals like Trotsky.
Old Major
Old Major was the leading force behind animalism, but he was not the one who executed it, just the spark that started a flame. He was very respected and that's why they listened to him, but he died before he could help.
Karl Marx
Marx was a revolutionary socialist who believed that in capitalist societies, the proletariat would rise up against the bourgeoisie and make a communist or socialist society. He influenced many people with his political writing.
Tsar Nicholas II
Mr. Jones
Mr. Jones is the cruel ruler of the farm before the animals overthrow him. He uses them mercilessly for his own gain and they all fear him. He was once a good farmer, but he had fallen on hard times and started drinking too much.
Tsar Nicholas the Second was the emperor of Russia in the late 1800s to early 1900s. He ruled harshly and did things like have his political opponents assassinated, which didn't make him very popular.
The Dogs
The Dogs were the children of Jessie and Bluebell, but at birth they were taken away by Napoleon and raised in isolation. They are very loyal to Napoleon. They protect him and eliminate his enemies.
They were the security agency of Soviet Russia and they preformed services like internal security, intelligence and were the secret police. They would look for people who talked badly about the government.
Mollie is a vain and silly mare that only cares about her luxuries: ribbons and sugar. She doesn't oppose the rebellion, but she doesn't support it either. She is always late for work and leaves early.
The Bourgeoisie
The bourgeoisie were the middle class, used to their old comforts and they weren't willing to give them up for the sake of the rebellion. When the Bolsheviks asked them to give the luxuries up, they fled to the West.
Boxer is a hardworking, but stupid horse who will do whatever he's told. He is the perfect worker, toiling on to his death with absolute loyalty, but never questioning. He is ultimately betrayed by the pigs because they sell him to the knackers once he can no longer work.
Proletariat/Working Class
The proletariat are the lower class working people. They don't own the means of production so they are not strong in most circumstances, but when they all stand united, they have a lot of power. Sadly, most of them aren't educated.
Hard Work
Clover is described as being a stout, motherly mare. When the pigs start breaking the old rules, she questions, but because of the fact that they changed them she doubts herself and never voices her concerns to anyone other than Muriel.
Proletariat/Working Class
The proletariat are the lower class working people. They don't own the means of production so they are not strong in most circumstances, but when they all stand united, they have a lot of power. Sadly, most of them aren't educated.
Moses is the tame raven, the Joneses' favorite pet. He is a clever talker and tells the animals of the farm about Sugar Candy Mountain, a land where they will be safe from work and hunger. He is driven out, but returns later to spread the same lies.
Russian Orthodox Church
The Russian Orthodox Church supported the Russian Monarchy, and when the Bolsheviks took over, they got their power removed. For a while anything religious was hated, but in World War 2, Stalin realized how useful they could be and reinstated the churches.
It is a project started by Snowball, but Napoleon disagrees with it, showing this by urinating all over the plans. However, after Snowball is driven out, he starts the construction of the windmill.
The Expansion of Communism
The major difference between Stalin and Trotsky was that Trotsky wanted to spread communism to other places whereas Stalin wanted to secure Russia.
Battle of the Cowshed
Russian Civil War
After Mr. Jones was driven off of the farm, he gathered some men from other farms and convinced them to help him. Then they all went to the farm and tried to reclaim it, but failed.
The Tsar was already dead, but not everyone supported communism, so a loosely organized army of anti-communists called the White Army fought them and the Bolsheviks won.
Roosevelt and Churchill
Mr. Pilkington
Mr. Frederick
Mr. Frederick is a tough, shrewd man with a reputation for making tough deals. He spreads rumors about animal farm so that his animals don't revolt.
Hitler was the leader of Germany and he was scared of communism because he was a totalitarian leader as well and he was scared of loosing his power.
They are the leaders of America and England respectively. They opposed the idea of communism and sent troops to help the White Army in the Civil War.
Mr. Pilkington is described as being an easygoing gentleman who spends most of his time hunting or fishing.
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