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Award Winning Giraffe Project

No description

Maggie McCarthy

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Award Winning Giraffe Project

Award Winning Giraffe Project Case D Case B The winning award! Sister Beth Dadio daily delivers food to the homeless, They also had a shelter for the day time. When that shelter got shut down they took food to the mall, to bring attention to the homeless problem. In the end the city put an end to that "business", but, "promised to open a new shelter." Case E Fidel Castro was a Cuban who allowed the troubled citizen to leave for the United States. Esteban and his family were one of the many that immigrate, now he has graduated high school, and plans to attend MIT. Case A Joseph Nicholas and David Francis Sr. are trying to save their culture and language. The speak the language of Maine's Passamaquoddy Indian tribe, and has become less known and used. Case C Jerry Foster, is a news reporter. While doing his job he has saved others lives, and also become "a star". Betty Washington lives in a city full of violence and drug. Trying to "stop the drug traffic", she organized a anti drug committee. I think that Betty is the best qualifier for this because she meets all the criteria by: ~Putting herself at risk-
~Having the good intention and common good for the citizens in the area
~ Doesn't expect recognition
Not only that, but she also shows actual progress by getting 6 arrest for drug dealing in her first few months. Runner-ups Case F Case G Some reason this is a qualifier-
Didn't expect (or do it for) recognition- Things I believe cause it to not fit the criteria because-
No person risk
Could have better intentions
Wasn't exactly for the common good This is a qualifier because-
Personal risk
Common good Some criteria that it doesn't fit-
Recognition This worth of an award because there was-
Good intentions
It was done for the common good
They didn't expect (or seem to being doing it for the recognition Yet there wasn't as much personal sacrifice as I would prefer Reason why it could win-
They don't expect recognition for doing that Reason why I don't think it will win-
Not clear on who should get the award
Nothing truly worthy for recognition of helping others
No personal sacrifice
Wasn't for the common good Back in World War II there was a building that had been home to Japanese, and Americans. Now owned by Chester & Mary Blackburn they have turned it into a museum, memorial, and a historic site Although these people had to use their own money for a personal sacrifice and also had good intentions, I don't think that it can make the world a better place, and might have expected to much credit. Ray Proffitt, is greatly against river pollution, and often makes trips around the area to check on things like sewage, drain pipes, and debris taking notes and photos. Tracing the source of the pollution, he tells them to stop, or he will take them to court. He has so far taken two to court as his own attorney, but all cost have come out of his person money. Criteria met-
Personal risk
Good intentions
Common good I think that a part of the input was affect by how much credit he got for doing that. He even got the nickname "the river vigilante".
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