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Alien Invasion

This is an attack plan of the Mid-Atlantic Colonies. This was created by Parker, Josh B., and Joshua A.

Parker Aman

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of Alien Invasion

Attack Plan
Geography & Climate
Mid-Atlantic colonies:
Soldiers will need to prepare for a moderate climate. Fortunately this won't be a tough transition.
Also expect higher altitudes, due to the Appalachian Mountains. Special gear will be provided if needed, such as oxygen masks.
The economy is based on market towns, and these should be avoided for now due to the large mass of humans.
Taking political leaders out will cause unrest. Also skilled craftsmen should be spared for our use.
Since this colony is made up of Quakers (peace lovers), a direct attack is a great option.
Terrain allows a good route, don't try to camouflage, as there are not very many places to hide.
The goods going into the Mid-Atlantic colonies should be stolen and kept for us. This will allow us to attack at their weakest state. They will have no weapons that they might have received from New England and other materials from the South.
The vehicle we will use is a tank, because it is an all terrain vehicle, and it is highly destructive.

Human Resources
Skilled and unskilled workers
(Target unskilled workers)
Blacksmiths, crafted with iron
Silversmiths crafted with silver
Cobblers make shoes
Wheelwrights they made wheels out of wood
Wig makers made wigs
Milliners made hats
Political & Government
Colonial Assemblies to address and make decisions
Each town and village would elect officials to represent them.
Natural Resources
Rich Farmlands, to grow crops
Rivers for transportation
Iron for blacksmiths to craft
Trees for lumber
Fish for food
These natural resources helped the Mid-Atlantic colonies grow.
Mission 1A: Take out Mid-Atlantic colonies of planet Earth.
Moderate Climate
Wide Deep Rivers
Located near the Appalachian Mountains.
Coastal lowlands/bays(good for water vehicles)
Rolling Hills with good soil.

Reasons for Arrival
People settled here to escape from religious persecution, and establish trade zones. The settlers came from Scotland, France, Germany, and Belgium.
They bought tobacco, rice, cotton, indigo, and forest products from the southern colonies.
They also bought metal tools, equipment, and ships from the New England colonies.
Social Life
Villages and cities
Varied and different lifestyles
Diverse religions
Villages have churches, schools, shops, and even some plantations.
Market Towns
By: Josh A., Josh B., And Parker A.


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