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Almost Midnight: Presentation

It's raining, and there are no cabs.

Casi Medianoche

on 16 June 2013

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Transcript of Almost Midnight: Presentation

Almost Midnight
Valencia, Venezuela.
In a bar, late at night:

A fellow Cuban in Venezuela! My friend, what do you know about time travel?
A drunk... let's hope he
doesn't follow me.

Our Vision
The nightly atmosphere of the city of Valencia largely shaped the way the script was written. The busy industrial city changes from a metropolis where people constantly move between north and south, between work and home, between the center and the suburbs, to deserted streets in which an eerie yellow light shines down on the old colonial houses.
It's raining, and there are no cabs.
Plot and Inspiration
Almost Midnight is a noir style scifi film set in the city of Valencia, Venezuela.
It is...
The device is activated as our hero gets entangled in a mysterious affair...
Throughout what seems to be a time travel adventure he faces a constant challenge between preconceived notions of his surroundings and the complexity that reality offers.
Underneath his world of comfort and security lies a city with multiple layers for which he did not have an answer before and whose rules he has to learn in order to survive.
Danger lurks around every corner, as people, items and places change ever so slightly: friend may be foe, buildings might not exist anymore and even his own past is subject to subtle variations.
Who are we?
Now in production:
This historic side of Valencia has been subject to deterioration and negligence for the past few decades, and as a result, large parts of what was once a jewel of Spanish architecture, are now in ruins.
This film is a modest attempt to preserve a colonial past through its artistic use in a work of fiction. By using the streets and houses as scenario for our movie, we hope to bring some life unto a city that has not been subject for quality cinema in the recent years.
In a bar, late at night...
a scientist from Cuba claiming to have fabricated a device to travel through time for short moments.
a journalist gets accosted by an old drunkard,...
... with secret documents,
... and a beautiful Cuban girl.
a criminal gang,
Each of his many timevoyages gives him a new chance to solve the mystery in which he now plays a key role.
Andres Cerceau
Cinemathic interpretation of the urban legend surrounding the death of Carlos Gardel.

'Voces de la Tierra'
Documentary on the poets in the city of Valencia, Venezuela.
Executive Producer
Tessa Debilde
Event Organizer
M.Sc. Educational Sciences
Peter Mavilla
Student in Psychology
Juan Carlos
Leopoldo Guevara as
Vicente Pontillo as
Jesus Mercado as
Lyn Giamate as
Manuel Carruido as
Jose Palma as
Website: http://about.me/almostmidnight
Check out our presentation video!!
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