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Get up and bar the door

No description

Kayla Shaw

on 20 October 2015

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Transcript of Get up and bar the door

Literary Devices
In this ballad the author uses a lot of symbolism, repition, and also has a lot of rhyme. He uses this to keep the readers attention and lets them visualize whats going on in the story, in thier minds.
The tone is humerous. This is because of how stubborn this couple is. They have two men in thier house and they still refuse to be the first one to speak becuase then the loser has to lock the door. Then once the husband speaks the wife jumps up in excitment because she won, still not worried about the two robbers inside her house!
The Stubborn Couple...
(each stanza)
Stanza 1
It was a happy time. A man and wife were in thier home. The wife was cooking. The man just sitting.
Stanza 2,3
Niether of them wanted to get up and lock the door. The wife was busy cooking and the man was being very lazy.
The theme is Pride. The husband and wife are extreamly stubborn through out the ballad. they both have a ton of self pride and dignity.. Niether of them want to get up to lock they door because they feel what they are doing is more importantnthen the other. No matter what happens, they refused to back down and loose thier sense of pride to go lock the door.
Get up and bar the door
Stanza 4,5
They come to an agreement that the first one to speak has to get up and lock the door. They then walk inside.
Stanza 6
Two men are tryin gto decide if the couple is pooor or rich .
Stanza 7
The two men walk in the house and the couple is still yet to say a word.
Stanza 8
One guy tells the other one to cut the mans beard off with his knfe and he will kiss the wife.
Stanza 9
The robber tells the other one that there is no water to cut the mans beard off with, so the other robber tells him to use the burning broth on the stove.
Stanza 10
The husband speaks and tells the two men they will not do such things.
Stanza 11
The wife jumps up and tells her husband that hhas lost and he needs to go lock the door.
Character Analysis
The wife - She is stubborn, however she is also doing to cooking for the family.

The husband - He is the more stubborn of the two because he is doing absolutely nothing and still refuses to lock the door.

The two robbers - They are criminals in the ballad. They try to steal from the couple. They threaten the husband and tell the wife they are going to kiss her.
That's It :)
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