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Explain the role of judges and lawyers in civil cases.

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ayesha akhtar

on 13 October 2014

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Transcript of Explain the role of judges and lawyers in civil cases.

P3- Explain the role of judges and lawyers in civil cases.
Step 1
In a civil case is there a Jury?
yes or no?

Talk about why.

Step 2
Is it the Judges role to decide on the outcome of the trial in a civil case?
Step 3
The THREE types of leading judges?
Include the Reform Act 2005, what changed?

The Lord chief Justice
Master of Rolls
President of the QBD of the High Court
Chancellor of the High Court
President of the Family Division of the High Court

Step 4
Talk about what each leading Judge does? which Judge heads which division?
Head of the judiciary and the Criminal Division of the Court of Appeal.
Head of the Civil Division of the Court of Appeal.
Head of the QBD.
Head of the Chancery Division.
Head of the Family Division.

Step 5
Talk about the second type of judges?
Superior judges, and which courts they are based in?

High Court
Court of Appeal
Supreme Court

Talk about what their role is in each of the courts they sit in.

Step 6
Final type of Judges?
Inferior Judges, talk about where they are based.
The role of inferior judges?
Qualifications that are needed to become a Judge?

Step 7
The way judges are selected.
Judges are selected by the Judicial Appointments Commission
lawyers- talk about lawyers, what they do?
Are they present in every case?

lastly summarise
What does the judge do after he has heard the evidence from both sides?
Is the defendant liable or not?
and what do they award?
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