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South America

No description

Matthew Blake

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of South America

Rio Degenaro

This is one of many Rio state flags.
South America
This is carnaval it is the biggest parade in the would!!!
One of many Rio Brazil airports.
The best time to go to Rio Brazil is in between December and March. It is because it is 84 degrees in fahrenheit and gets an average of 144mm rainfall a year. It is 82 degrees in december and gets an average of 144mm rainfall every year.
My Dream Vacation
Basic INFO

Major airport
Rio De Janeiro Gealaro

Major cities
Rio De Jennaro
Belo horizonte

Major attractions
Hang gliding
Stachu of jesus

I chose Rio De Janeiro because i’ve always wanted to go hang gliding around the huge statue of jesus.I also want to go because of the beautiful sunsets and the serene views of the ocean and beautiful beaches. There are thousands of different activities. I hope this gives you a wonderful idea for a great for the family vacation.
Hang glideing
Hang glideing is oe of the favorite activities in Rio De Janaro Brazil.
Hang gldeing video.
My hotel i’m staying
at is a modern
apartment in
in Rio De Janeiro,
Brazil. 2,400 for
10 days.

Money for food
and drinks is:

This is one of rio's
many monkeys.
Am I late.
This is Santos du mont airport.
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