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Why did Italy colonize Libya

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ahmed tarek

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Why did Italy colonize Libya

Why did Italy colonize Libya and what were the impacts of this colonization?
Economic Benifits
Economic benefits Italian colony brought to Libya
• One positive impact of Italian inhabitance in Libya is the building of new industries. An alternate positive impact is the building of Railways and roads that joined numerous new agrarian villages and new commercial ventures.
• The Italians brought workers and well educated people who helped the development of the colony. These people included farmer, archeologists and many others that brought the Libyan land to life.

Economic benefits Italian colony brought to Italy
. One principle reason behind Italy colonizing Africa was matters of trade and profit. By Libya opened up new trade oppotunities for Italy. One of the principle explanations why Italy colonized Libya is because of the small industries that were already established in Libya, , and another reason is the trade opportunities that are found in Libya.
Natural Resources- Libya has few natural resources that incorporate gypsum, salt, and limestone are discovered in Libya. Only lass than 2 percent of Libya's property is suitable for farming. Libya did not supply Italy with a plenty of natural resouces, however Italy did get livestock, farming products, and some little commercial ventures as of recently secured in Libya. Some of the little industrial enterprises considered in Libya throughout Italian inhabitance produced salt, shoe, tobacco, building material, asphalt, gun-power, and fat/soap items. Farming products found in Libya incorporate wheat, grain, olives, dates, citrus foods grown from the ground, vegetables, peanuts, and almonds.

Cultural impacts

Impacts on Libya
one cultural impact of the Italian colonization on Libya for example was Berber, Italian, and English are spoken in Libya, however the nation's official dialect is Arabic.
• The Libyan people lost their culture and identity. They also had to go through Italian superpowers and to bear with cruelty that came with the colonization
• A great amount of culture was lost when Mussolini wanted to incorporate Italy and Libya as one

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Military impacts on Italy
• Throughout the 1800's numerous European countries started to colonize Africa. The Italians were motivated to colonize some countries in Africa such as Libya, Eritrea, and Italian Somaliland to keep up politically with the other European countries. Assuming that Italy did not control domain in Africa, it might be politically mediocre to other European countries, in this way more vulnerable to being exploited by other countries. A third excuse for why Italy would have done well to colonize Africa was for security purposes. Provided that If Italy did not have territory in Africa then their military power would not be as efficient, since they would have much less weight with world affairs.

Military impacts on Libya
The Libyan didn’t have formal military forces. However, people have forms many rebellion civil military groups to fight against Italians. In these groups the fighter got fighting training and gained the skills required to fight the invaders.The most prestigious resistant aggregation in Libya was named the Mojahideen. Italy dreaded losing Libya to the Mojahideen and utilized the most brutal measures to end Libyan safety. Italian powers decimated much of Libya's animals to starve Libya's local populace, they set up death camps where local Libyans existed under finish control of the Italian guard, and they held open hangings and shootings of numerous Libyans that appeared to be helping the Mojahideen. Italy murdered and banished 50% of Libya's local populace, and butchered much of Libya's domesticated animals.
Italians attacked Libya in September, 1911. Libyans on top of a few Turks, opposed the Italians. After 1934 Italian Libya was part into two Italian settlements regarded as Italian Cyrenaica and Italian Tripolitania. After 1934 the two Italian provinces united into Italian Libya.
Italy attacking Libya
Military impacts
Environmental impacts
There were no environmental impacts of Italian colonization on neither the empire nor the colony
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