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Preschool Teacher

No description

Maisie Gelhar

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Preschool Teacher

Play, Learn and grow... Together :D
~There are many helpful high school classes like geometry, Chemistry, physiology, and literature.
~With experience preschool teachers may become head teachers or center directors.
~Some degrees you will need is:
*Human Development, Family Studies and Related Service
*Teacher Education, Specific Levels and Methods
~Preschool teachers must have a minimum of an associate degree in early child development to be employed in preschool centers.
~ Large preschools often require teachers to have a bachelor's degree in early childhood education.
Education Path
about the job
~ We care for and teach young children while their parents work.
~Most important part of this job is to help children learn about the world ans themselves.
~we earn about $20,450 a year
we are located at a bunch of different locations.
The typical salaries range from $17,050 to $43,360 per year.
The typical salaries range from $18,090 to $48,660 per year.
~An individual employee's position within this salary range is affected by the following factors:
* the facility type and location
* the employee's training, education, and experience.
Preschool Teacher
By:Maisie Gelhar & Trinity Swope
~job seekers will find excellent employment opportunities.
~employment affected by birthrates and number of working parents.
~government and industrial funding also affect employment.
~All information taken from www.wiscareers.wisc.edu
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