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The History of Hospital Audiences, Inc. (HAI)

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Cassandra Eddington

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of The History of Hospital Audiences, Inc. (HAI)

Michael Jon Spencer 1968 2009 was a struggling concert pianist and student at Mannes College of Music. Research for his graduate thesis led him to perform for patients at the Manhattan State Psychiatric Center. What happened there was the catalyst for HAI. We're a nationally recognized arts services organization based in New York City. We've helped over 14 million underserved New Yorkers access the arts. 1969 Hospital Audiences, Inc. through 407,000 1994 Prevention Education HAI celebrates Who we serve: students
home-bound seniors How? Through arts education,
on-site performances, and
community events. Arts Workshops 1970s 1988 HAI begins to facilitate workshops aimed at the prevention of violence, substance abuse, TB, and HIV/AIDS. Workshops also address housing readiness needs for homeless populations. Educational workshops were first initiated in 1991 as a response to the devastation caused by HIV/AIDS. Trained facilitators and peer educators present theatrical scenarios that recreate real-life situations. Workshop participants then use role-play to rehearse positive and alternative, life-saving behaviors. 1999 Peace by Peace Peace by Peace, a theatrical presentation and interactive workshop aimed specifically at deterring violence and facilitating the discussion of difficult topics among youth is created. The workshop is continually evolving, exploring issues of gang, domestic, and sexual violence. In 2002, Peace by Peace became an independent film. Through STEP, HAI enables NYC public schools to purchase tickets to cultural events throughout the city at discounted prices, making the city's art life accessible to students and schools. STEP
(Student Teacher Enrichment Program) HAI begins to offer tickets to cultural events at a steeply discounted price to New Yorkers ages 60 and over. A note received by HAI from a student after attending her first Broadway show. 1998 The Gallery at HAI HAI begins to exhibit Outsider Art at the Soho loft. Outsider Art is art created by self-taught artists who are not part of the artistic establishment. Outsider Artists are often individuals living with mental illnesses and disabilities or else individuals who are otherwise marginalized. The Gallery at HAI places emphasis on artists who participate in HAI workshops. Saturday Art Studio Adults living with mental illnesses travel from all over the city to attend this weekly studio. All materials are provided free of charge and professional artists are available to teach self-taught artists different techniques. Julius completes his piece "Solidwall". transforming lives through the arts TODAY 2001 2000 Tickets To Go Respect Arts Alive! In response to 9/11, HAI and Princeton University collaborated to create Arts Alive! The program was targeted at NYC youth most affected by the 9/11 attacks. HAI arranged for students and their families to visit museums and Broadway shows toward initiating the healing process. 2005 Heart & Mind HAI partners with award winning director, playwright, and author Elizabeth Swados for Heart & Mind, a musical theater project that raises awareness of mental health issues among youth while providing crucial information on where to seek help. Weekend for Heroes 2006 Michael Jon Spencer (right) with a resident of New Amsterdam Nursing Home after a performance. Community Performing
Arts Series Artists lead workshops and provide hands-on experience in music, dance, drama and visual arts to adults and children with serious and persistent mental illnesses and developmental disabilities. Describe! HAI implements a service that provides live audio descriptions of Broadway and Off-Broadway performances for blind and visually impaired individuals. 1986 Omni*Bus HAI makes the cultural life of New York accessible to those who are physically disabled, frail, elderly, and bed-confined. 1969 On-site Program HAI begins to present dancers, musicians, circus artists, folklorists, storytellers and more at health and social service facilities throughout New York City. The program enriches the lives of frail elderly and chronically ill mental health consumers, and helps alleviate the boredom so often associated with institutionalized life. 1970s 1980 1980 HAI arranges transportation, assistance, and special seating at New York Philharmonic and Metropolitan Opera concerts in parks throughout the five boroughs, as well as the Shakespeare Festival at the Delacorte Theater. Summer Program Guardian Angels assisting in Central Park. Photo by Steve Friedman, 1976. 1986 HAI Theatre Festival HAI produces original plays and revivals which address issues of particular interest to HAI audiences. 1994 1997 Kind Acts Kind Acts, HAI's corporate initiative, continues to expand to provide competitively priced live performances to the health and social service sector as well as to private organizations. This revenue-generating enterprise helps HAI to create a sustainable funding stream to support its mission. Notes from early Tickets To Go clients. 2006 HAI brings soldiers injured in Iraq and Afghanistan and undergoing treatment at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. to New York City to experience a full weekend of arts and cultural programming with their families. 2011 Photovoice 2010 This picture was taken at Harvard in Cambridge, MA. entertaining an audience of over 14,000,000 + events Photovoice is a Service Learning initiative that uses a grassroots approach to photography and social action to engage at-risk youth. Through digital photography, participating students find a new and fun way to connect with their school and community, and are given a tool with which to see, explore and explain how they see the built environment, physical structures, personal spaces and landscape of their neighborhoods. The students’ creative work is intended to inform policy makers and elected officials of the often overlooked concerns of New York City youth. As one student said, “my favorite part of Photovoice is on Tuesdays, going outside and revealing myself through photos.” 2001 Through workshops and rehearsal, students explore their personal and communal histories and develop monologues which are then woven into an original ever-evolving performance piece. Respect is entirely written and performed by participants under the artistic direction of Tony Award winner George Faison. A letter from an Arts Alive! participant. 43 years of service In collaboration with the Department of Youth and Community Development supported by American Eagle Outfitters, HAI arranged a free first college tour to Boston, visiting Northeastern, Emerson and Harvard Universities for 38 New York City high school students. First College Tour HAI begins to arrange afternoon music and dance performances by professional artists at accessible venues throughout the five boroughs. Workshops In 2011, HAI began working with NYC students to improve attendance and, consequently, performance in school. Through peer mentorship, students are held accountable for their attendance. Students participate in two weekly workshops that teach them life skills through applied arts. HAI staff and participants at the NYC AIDS Walk. Attendance Improvement Program 40 years of service. HAI artist Athenia Henderson performs at Menorah Home & Hospital in the summer of 2012. HAI draws on visual and performing arts to create experiential learning opportunities for New York City youth to nurture emotional, cultural and cognitive development.Three principles guide HAI programs:
Every young person deserves access to cultural and artistic experiences.
Every young person deserves a safe environment in which to create, explore and grow.
Every young person deserves to be active planners in the direction of his or her learning. HAI brings people to the arts and the arts to communities. We awaken imaginations and we elicit the inner artist. HAI is access. HAI is healing.
HAI transforms lives through the arts. Founded in 1968, HAI is a nationally recognized arts services organization dedicated to enriching the lives of underserved New Yorkers whose access to arts and culture has been limited by health, age or income. Mission Statement: Education Program Mission Statement: 2011 Music on the Move HAI created Music on the Move as a response to the rapid growth of home health and hospice care in the New York Area. Music on the Move delivers live, bedside concerts to homebound patients adding a healthy dose of joy and wellness to the day of patients, caretakers and family members. TEMPORARY PICTURE: One of HAI's Music on the Move artists. hospitalized patients
mental health consumers
homeless individuals
at-risk youth HAI artist and professional dancer Loretta Abbott performs at a New York City nursing home. HAI artist Salley May leading a theater workshop with residents at Joselow House, a residence for blind adults with mental disabilities. with support from... Achelis and Bodman Foundations
Alice Tully Foundation
Ambrose Monell Foundation
Audrey Love Charitable Foundation
Bank of New York Mellon Foundation
Big Wood Foundation
Bloomberg Philanthropies
Capital One Foundation
Carnegie Corporation of New York
Cassidy Turley
Charina Foundation, Inc.
Dubose & Dorothy Heyward Memorial Fund
Edith A. & Herbert H. Lehman Foundation
Glickenhaus Foundation Grace R. & Alan D. Marcus Foundation
Harkness Foundation for Dance
Jewish Communal Fund
Joe and Hellen Darion Foundation
Joseph Tuft Revocable Trust
Laura B. Vogler Foundation
Malkin Fund, Inc.
Marquis George MacDonald Foundation, Inc
Newman’s Own Foundation
Northfield Bank Foundation
Richmond County Savings Foundation
Soncrew Productions
The Starr Foundation
The Staten Island Foundation Anonymous
Lynn R Bagg
Selma & Seymour Baumgarten
Louis & Irving Baumgarten
Irving & Sylvia Belsky
Miriam Benardette
George & Patricia Bramwell
Zelda Brand
Ritalynne Brechner
Richard Brooks
Florence Buschke
Robin Cahan
Vera Carugno & Gabriel Carino
Harriet Causbie Anthony Cilione
Eli O Koenig
Andrea Coleman
Elaine Dale
Adrienne Daly
Josephine De Fini
Sally Dorst
Roland & Evelyn Edelstein
Fran Evans
Sue Falk
Sheila M Feivelson
Joan Felder
Alvin & Maryianne Finger
Sandi Franklin
Suzanne Frowenfeld
Paul & Rhoda Fuchs
Hans Gesell
Alan & Mona Gettner
Irving & Muriel Goldman
Janice Goldsmith Bastuni
Robert Gulbin Norma
Sheldon & Helen Guralnick
Dorothy Hadigian
Nancy Hadley Jaffe
Martin HasonSusan L Hazard
Leah Herzfeld
Jeanette & Robert Himmel
Sheila Hochberg Irving
Renee Hoffman
Beatrice Hollander
Jenny Hwang
Marvin Jacoby and Dianne Lange
Lee Joseph
Abby Josselson
Ronald Kabrins, Esq
Frances Kamerman
Lois Kirschenbaum
Anne Kirsh
Liane R Klugerman
Joseph & Lillian Krochak
Linda R Landau
Herbert Levine Lillie Levy
Norma Lewin
Gloria R Lewis
Greg Libertiny
Stanley Lieber
Ella Ligay
Judith List
Helen Listfield
Barbara Litke
Sybil Maimin
Mr & Mrs Peter Malkin
SK Manley
David & Shirley Matza
Ann McChord
Harriet Meiss
Theodore Melnechuk
Richard Menschel
John A Molanphy
Rose Mootoo
Juan MoralesShirley Nacron
Sally & Alex Nussbaum
Roxane Offner
Marjorie & Patton William
Olivia Perkins
Clinton Peterson
Martha Plato
Davis & Hellen Pollack
Marie Ann Robson Marie Ann Robson
Katherine Rompf
Anne Rotberg
Isabella Salman
Gloria Santino
Richard Saver
David Scharff
Leonard Schildkraut
Rosalie Shields
Melvin Silverman
Naomi Skriloff
Geraldine, Daniel &
Stephen B Soba
Linda Sprenger Hanna Stark
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Muriel Sternberg
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Barbara Terry
Annette Ullman
Lucille Waldman
Laura Anne Walker
Myrna Weiner
Marilyn Whitehorn
Liliane Wilcox
D Leslie Winter
Margaret Yi
Gloria Zeche
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