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My Friends

No description

Abby Rose

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of My Friends

My Friends
My Friends
So this is about some of my lovely friends!
The Choir Kids
No one is entirely sure how we all ended up friends. I guess it's just choir.
Lunch Buddies
So these are my friends that I generally only see at lunch.
Homework Buddies
These guys know that I'm always open to help them if they've ever got a question of any kind.
Cathedral Peeps
I've known these people the longest. They are my reason for being who I am.
Clare Hylin
Clare is a beautiful little thing and she's a great singer. She lives in her sister Emma's shadow but she too is a brightly burning star.
Hayley Tolan
She's new this year but seeing her brightens my day. She's always open for a hug if I need it and always has a smile.
Katherine Henerbry
Because would any of us still be here without our #1 inspiration?
She's small but mighty. Honestly still getting to know her, but she makes life better.
Everyone Else
All the choir people are my family, whether they realize it or not. I just couldn't fit 65 circles here.
Bailey Swift
Oh. My. Gosh.
Bailey is the single greatest guy in the history of the planet. No offense intended, but it's true.
So she's still pretty new to me, but I'd do almost anything for her and she knows it.
Aschel Strong
What can I say about Aschel? She allowed me entry into her story and I completely overturned everything, left right at the plot climax, and she still lets us sit with her at lunch. She may be soft-spoken, but she's great.
She's kind of awesome. We're not BEST friends, but I feel like I can trust her with a bunch.
Hannah's really sweet. She always says hi to me and she's absolutely brilliant.
I've known Jessika forever. She was one of my first friends and has stuck around this far!
Maria Nestler
Maria is wonderful. She's really caring and was my first ever friend at SHG because I sat next to her in health.
Isabel Cross
oh Isabel. She's amazing. She's capable of so much, but she doesn't believe in herself. She can do it!
Best Friends
These are some of the best people in the world- my best friends.
Nathan... He's one of a kind. He really gets me. I trust him 100% with anything and everything, and life would suck if anything happened to him.
Molly and I failed Latin together, and that started our friendship. We don't like all of the same things, but our differences hold us together.
The Howlers
This group is my core group. The heart of it all. The ones who probably are giving me death glares because I haven't mentioned them yet. These aren't just friends; they're sisters.
Kourtney Baker
Kourtney is a dragon. She's my #1 supporter in everything I do and she's always around to cheer me up and threaten anyone who might mess with me.
Cheyanne Williams
Chey pushes me to be my best. She makes sure that I'm okay, but she also doesn't baby me. She believes that I am strong; hear me ROAR. She believes in me when other would probably give up.
Leah Arisman
Leah is the newbie Howler. She's still learning some things and adjusting from the initial shock. She knows my books and is in to Greek mythology. She's like a little sister.
Mary Tapocik
She's someone you can count on to make you feel better. She can be wonderful. Just don't give her a reason to be mad at you. You'll die.
Well, he's funny to watch and he comes through on projects... Eventually.
Pat Regan
He knows everything that needs to be said here.
Haley Bentel
Haley was my role model forever. I looked up to her my entire life
Sarah Zenge
Sarah's a beautiful person and she needs to know that she's the best in every way.
Maddie Livingstone
Maddie's another one who's always been in my life. I'm not sure what I would do without her.
Madison Harrison
Madison... known her forever. She always brings a smile to my face.
Hunter Ridley
I've known Hunter since I was three. We've literally grown up together, knowing a lot about each other that not bunch of people know.
Janaya Brown
Also called Master Benjamin, she's one of my reasons to actually get up and go to school every morning. She makes everything better.
Marianne Huck
One of the funniest people girls I've ever met. She always knows how to cheer me up. A hug from her always makes my day.
Tara Adams
She's a Yoshi- indeed a green freaking dinosaur.
West, listen up, I know where you hid the body. It's okay, it was a good place, the police will never find it there. Sam and Dean, maybe, but not the real cops.
Ariel Rhodes
Not many people that I know believe in Ariel. I do. I know that she's more cable of anything than most people twice her age. She'll make something of her life. They'll see. She might not always be pleasant or peppy, but who cares? She's a good person, one of the best people that I have ever known. Most of all, she cares. She honestly cares about me and there's nothing in it for her.
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