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Marine Force Recon

No description

Charles Herndon

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Marine Force Recon

Military engineer
Jake Zimmerman, Mr.Herndon, Career portals, 6/2/14
Military engineering
Studying blue-prints fro machines
Welding of metal
1.Military engineering is loosely defined as the art and practice of designing and building military works and maintaining lines of military transport and communications. This discipline of engineering is regarded as the oldest form of engineering and is also the precursor of the civil engineering discipline.
Task of A military engineer
1.To fix and repair broken vehicle
Engineers working for the military design and implement structures that facilitate daily activities important to building a thriving society;

a military engineer may be responsible for establishing roads, bridges, and highways for transport.
Education of Military engineer
1.bachelor's degree in engineering. It is desirable to have a master’s degree, however, because this affords more opportunities. Those looking to become a military engineer after joining the armed forces can study an engineering course in a military college.
Fixing engine of vehicles
Maintain proper functions of vehicals
bring old vehicles to working order
make sure vehicles are in working order
Bachelor degree most be achieved to be an engineer
Master degree can be achieved for more opportunities
Skills needed to be an engineer
To be engineer you must have a knowledge of what your doing.
Good with tools and hands
Good with frustration, not to brake anything in anger
Engineers most be good with tools
most control anger in frustrating environments
Salary range of Military Engineering

Electronic Field Service Engineer
Flight Engineer
PACS Network Service Engineer
Geospatial Engineer
Resource Engineer
Combat Documentation Production Specialist
Network Service Engineer Pac
Power Supply Design Engineer
Technical Engineer
Engineer Scientist
Supervisory Civil Engineer
Supervisory Electronics Engineer
Horizontal Construction Engineer
General Engineer
Rotating Equipment Engineer
combat engineer may see up to $12,000
rotating engineers may see up to $117,000
Application of engineer
Dress for Success
Personality traits
strong willed
hard working
hard working committed
Success story
My team, the Collinsville pirates, played Thursday October 16, 2013 for the title of District Champions against our school rivals the Valley View Eagles. And I’ll tell you that the field was a mess. It was muddy and extremely cold. We all had blankets before the night was up. But we stuck in there and played till the end. I had a couple of fumble recoveries and good tackles. But we pulled it off.
all of us
all photos were on prezi search
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