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Debate Egypt

No description

Nouran Ziad Maamoun

on 25 May 2013

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Transcript of Debate Egypt

Hear and be heard Debate Egypt Debate clubs in universities across Egypt Debate Egypt's first camp Our upcoming events Facebook: www.facebook.com/DebateEgypt CONTACT US Who Are we? A group of motivated Egyptian youth aiming to spread the culture of Debates through initiating debate clubs in every university not only across Egypt, but to the whole Arab region, starting with Morocco and Palestine. What do we Aim for? At Debate Egypt we are working towards Building Debating Culture through a generation of debaters.
Our aim is to create a whole new room for tolerance and acceptance in our society; an entire generation capable of engaging in a conversation where they can accept, process and share information in a civil manner, eventually passing on this knowledge to younger generations. we currently have clubs in 9 Governorates,
14 University Our timeline The Journey Twitter: twitter.com/DebateEgypt E-mail: debate.egypt@gmail.com Debate Egypt's Launch Event Trainings with Tim Sebastian TEDx Debating skills Workshop Tahrir Lounge Public debate with Minister for External Affairs at the British embassy Cultural Corner INSIGHT Debate Tournament : 3/9 - 8/9 Clubs' camp : 18/6 - 23/6
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